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The Ultimate Guide: How To Easily Style Your Fine Hair That Stays In Place All Day Long

1. How Do You Style Fine Hair?

2. What Are The Best Hair Accessories For Fine Hair?
3. Hair Clips For Fine Hair

4. Hair Slides And Hair Grips For Fine Hair

5. Hair Combs For Fine Hair

6. Barrettes For Fine Hair  

Fine Hair & Finding The Perfect Hair Accessories For You

First of all, we understand the struggle of finding hair accessories that do not slip out of the hair or pull and damage the hair. It can definitely be a challenge to find hair accessories for fine hair that manage to last all day.

At Tegen Accessories we want you to find the perfect non-slip hair accessories and that's why all of our hair accessories from our Fine Hair Collection are lightweight and have gone through three polishing processes that give them the smoothest edges ensuring no breakage to the hair. On this page we will be answering the most commonly asked questions around fine hair and solving the issue of finding the perfect hair accessories for fine hair!

How Do You Style Fine Hair?

Styling fine hair is not as difficult as it may seem. The key to styling fine hair is finding hair accessories that grip well. Once you have invested in hair accessories with a firm grip, you are able to create various different hairstyles. If you're looking for a claw clip to style your fine hair, we would recommend using a smaller claw with teeth closely spaced together and that overlap slightly ensuring no hair can escape. Claw clips for fine hair work best by using smaller sections of the hair, for example a half up half down style would be perfect for those finer and shorter hair types. A style favourite for mid-long length hair which can be created with both Thick Hair and Fine Hair is the barrette bun style. To create this style, simply twist your hair into a low bun, twirling the hair around your finger as you go to get a tight bun and secure it with a barrette. Alternatively, simply clasp your hair at the nape of the neck with a Wide Arched Barrette.

What Are The Best Hair Accessories For Fine Hair?

There is so much choice when deciding on the perfect hair accessory for your hair, from claw clips to combs there is something for everyone. This includes those with finer hair, most hair accessories can work for you, you just have to find the correct one! We have put a collection together with all hair accessories suitable for fine hair types. We’ve chosen smaller accessories that secure firmly in place and avoid adding weight to provide lasting hold on fine, silky hair.

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The beauty about snap clips is that they are perfect for ALL hair types as they firmly secure the hair in place. For finer hair types we suggest using these clips to pin back small sections of hair. With these stunning clips you do not have the worry of them sliding out or having to re-adjust them every hour, they will last the whole day. How easy is that?

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An essential piece. The teeth on these claws are spaced closely together ensuring a comfortable grip all day, with no hair escaping. This claw is polished by hand, guaranteeing all of the edges are smooth. One of the troubles with fine hair is clips pulling on the hair, with these French Handmade clips there is no longer that issue.



Hair Clips For Fine Hair

This section is for the hair clip lovers. I mean, who isn't? Claw clips are so versatile and effortless but can look so sophisticated. Beak clips are a staple, they are simple to use for a no-fuss, instant hair style for fine hair. Banana clips create the illusion of adding volume to your hair, perfect for fine hair. Not to mention snap clips which are an easy, quick and stylish solution.

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The secret to finding the best claw clip for fine hair is looking for claws with no gaps in between the teeth, this gives you a secure hold. Our French Handmade claw clips hold the hair gently and comfortably stay in place all day. The Sophia Side Hair Claws are also perfect for hair on the finer side. These claws come in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large which you can choose depending on your hair length. These side hair claws are brilliant for holding your hair without having your claw stand out when resting your head on the back of a chair, in a car for example. These are more suitable to hold French pleats or buns in fine hair. The Long Narrow Hair Claw for Fine Hair was specifically designed with a long narrow body and overlapping teeth that firmly grip fine hair. Depending on your hair length, this is the perfect hair accessory for a French twist hairstyle.

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Let's talk beak clips. A true Tegen Accessories staple. We always recommend clips that don't have a lot of space in between them for finer hair types but with this Mini Pelican Hair Clip the teeth inside the curve anchor your hair securely all day. Both of these beak clips are small. Perhaps the most important point! If you've got finer hair, you don't want big heavy clips weighing it down. They will fall out and potentially snap your more delicate hair, causing damage. For finer hair, these beak clips are most suitable for an up-do such as a french pleat to secure all of the hair.

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Banana hair clips are perfect for creating height and volume to the hair. For longer, finer hair types the Small Round Banana Clip is ideal for grasping the hair into a ponytail. Simply gather your hair into a ponytail and clasp the clip around the base to create a beautiful full look.

Hair Slides And Hair Grips For Fine Hair

Hair slides and hair grips are the best finishing touch to any outfit. You are spolit for choice with our decorative Swarovski Crystal hair slides to our elegant French Handmade grips, there is something for everyone. Grips and slides are a perfect hair accessory choice for those with fine hair as you can easily pin back small sections of the hair without them sliding out.

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This narrow hair grip is perfect for pinning back small sections of hair, why not choose a couple and stack them together? The clip has a small bar inside to help it grip to the hair securely. Practical and stylish!

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Now this is the perfect accessory to elevate any outfit. Not only do these decorative hair slides add a bit of sparkle to your hair, they are suitable for ALL hair types. We recommend using these to pin back small sections of the hair and you will find they stay in place all day long!

Hair Combs For Fine Hair

If you can't find the perfect hair accessory for fine hair then hair combs are your solution. Trying to get combs to stay put can be tricky, so practice makes perfect. The finer your hair, the more teeth you will need to effectively hold it back. Waved edges also provide more support for thin hair as it stops them sliding out as easily as a straight tooth comb might!  Waved Hair Combs are suitable for fine hair as their narrowly spaced teeth are able to grip hair securely. These look great pulling sections of hair away from the face and adding fullness, or creating a classic updo.

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Barrettes For Fine Hair

When looking for barrettes for fine hair the trick is going for straight bar barrettes rather than curved styles. Curved barrettes have a larger space between the clasp and the form of the barrette to encompass more hair. If you have fine hair, a straight bar barrette is a better option as it will help prevent slippage. If your hair is long and you wanted to put all of your hair up in a barrette then you could still use a curved barrette, but opt for a small or medium sized barrette rather than a large one, dependent on the length of your hair.  

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As you can see there are a variety of hair accessories that work in fine hair and here at Tegen Accessories we are here to help you with finding the perfect hair accessories for your hair type.

If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to get in touch, we are more than happy to help!

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