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40cm Complete Hair Extensions


 40cm complete hair extensions by Balmain

  • The Complete Extension By Balmain (Ready to Wear, Hair Make-up)
  • Style: The Complete Extension (40cm Clip in Hair Extensions)
  • Soft blend edge to ensure that your natural hair integrates with the extensions for a comfortable, natural look
  • 1 piece for full head hair extensions set on 7 clips (5 clips across the top, and 2 at the nape of the neck)
  • Made from ‘Memory Hair’: Can be repeatedly styled using heat up to 160 degrees, 20% lighter in weight than human hair, 18 times more resistant to UV light, Fade and moisture resistant, natural sheen that mimics real hair texture.
  • Hair pieces may be ordered in if they are out of stock, please email or call for special orders

Full instructions included.


Please Note: Due to monitors and screens being of different contrast and brightness actual colours of these complete hair extensions may differ from the visual images used on this website.

Colour Options:

Colour: Nordic Blonde (Light Blonde)

Colour: Champagne (Light to Mid Blonde)

Colour: Honey Blonde (Mid to Dark Warm Blonde)

Colour: Dark Sand (Mid to Dark Ash Blonde)

Colour: Warm Caramel (Copper)

Colour: Wild Fire (Dark Red)

Colour: Walnut (Light to Mid Brown)

Colour: Chocolate Brown (Mid to Dark Brown)

Colour: Dark Espresso (Dark Brown)


These complete hair extensions measure 40cm in length

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