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Natural Bristle Hairbrush Leopard Print


Natural & Nylon Mixed Bristle Brush Leopard Print

This high-quality hairbrush with an on-trend leopard print back would make a lovely addition to your dressing table, and would even be a perfect gift!

  • The natural boar bristles have minuscule scales which pick up the scalp's natural oils and distribute them along the hairs, keeping the hair healthy and shiny.
  • They also keep the hair clean as they pick up dirt and excess oils as they brush through the hair. 
  • The nylon bristle in each bundle of natural bristles gently detangles the hair and reduces static.
  • The small size is perfect for on the go, whilst the large is great to use at home!
  • Read our full blog post about Rock & Ruddle Brushes.

Small: 17cm in length, Brush head 9cm x 5cm

Large: 20.5cm in length, Brush head 12.5 cm x 6cm


Remove the rubber pad from the brush, dip the bristles into soapy water, rinse thoroughly with cold water and pat dry with a towel.


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