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Limited Edition Handmade Mini Barrette

Cranberry Crush

Limited Edition Handmade Mini Barrette

The perfect accessory to elevate your everyday hairstyle! If you love Sugarplum Pie and Cranberry Crush then act fast, as they are limited edition. 

These barrettes are handcrafted by experts in France from cellulose acetate, a biodegradable, eco-friendly material, that is kind to the planet and to your hair! You can read more about the making process here. The strong, steel clasps will provide long lasting hold in your hair, without damaging your hair. This means that even those with the most delicate hair can enjoy wearing this barrette. 

Use yours as the finishing touch to your half-up style, or to pin back small sections of your hair. Take a look at the videos below for some tips and tricks! 

Each of these combs comes in a brushed cotton dustbag, for storage while not in use. Please note that these combs are sold individually. 

We stand by our quality and have complete trust in every accessory made, our Tegen promise guarantees to last one year but are expected to last many years to come. Try a Tegen clip, risk-free.


Cranberry Crush, Galaxy. 

Please note: Due to the nature of the unique patterns in the materials used, each clip from our French Handmade collection can vary from the one displayed in the product photo.

Sustainable Eco-Resin:

Sustainability is important to us, which is why all of our French Handmade hair accessories are made from an eco-resin cellulose acetate material which is biodegradable. Find out more in our blog post here.


Resin detail: L x W: 6.5cm x 1cm

Set on a high-quality 5cm steel barrette clasp

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Watch our mini barrette in action: