Medium Floralie Hair Claw


Handmade Medium Floralie Hair Claw

This intricate Floralie Hair Claw is perfect for adding an elegant touch to your hairstyle.

  • Handmade in France, this claw is made from strong cellulose acetate, also known as resin, which is hand-carved with lasers, shaped and polished for a high-quality smooth finish.
  • It is fitted with a steel clasp to finish a claw that should outlast cheaper plastic alternatives by years!
  • This claw is perfect for fine and medium hair, and half up styles in thick hair types.
  • It will hold hair beautifully in a French pleat or up-do style and half-up styles for thicker hair.

Onyx, Vanilla, Tortoiseshell, Dark Tokio, White Tokio


L x W: 9cm x 5cm

Need a different size? The Small Floralie Claw is perfect for holding sections of hair, whilst the Large Floralie Claw will create beautiful up-do styles!

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