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New look, new photos, new French hair accessories!

Introducing our new French Marble range! Vous lisez New look, new photos, new French hair accessories! 3 minutes Suivant Vous cherchez des pinces à cheveux Stone Bridge ?

So.. first things first, if you're a regular customer you might find that things are looking a little different around these parts...! After months of planning and prepping and a couple of false starts, we're really happy to finally unveil our brand new look! What do you think?

We've streamlined a lot of the processes used to power the website, which means that the site should be a lot faster to use. Filtering by colour, size, style and hair type should now be a lot easier, and now you can easily see the different colours of each clip we stock without having to click through to each page. You should also see a lot more pictures of our clips in the hair, to help inspire you with your own hairstyles!

With this update, we really tried to showcase our lovely range and ensure that everything is displayed as clearly as it can be. So let us know what you think of the new site or if you find any glitches that need to be fixed - all of your comments and criticisms are welcome!

We've also got our lovely new range of marble French hair accessories to complement our new launch (have you seen our blog post?), so to celebrate these exciting goings on, we did a new photoshoot to do the new range and new website justice! You may recognise our lovely model Helen from our previous hats and fascinator shoot! This time we were shooting our favourite French clips. Despite a run of lovely weather up to the day of the shoot, on the day it was pretty breezy - not appreciated when you are doing a hair shoot! 

However, despite the cold and again, the mandatory couple of hiccups, we are really pleased with the photographs. We think the clips look great and we hope they give you some inspiration for styling your own Tegen clips :) 

Here are some photos from behind the scenes... look out for a post showcasing the results of the shoot soon!  

hair accessories

Packed up to go!

hair clips

Ooh La La!

hair clips for women

Smiling through the cold... coats definitely needed to be on in between shots! 

hair accessories

Vintage style curls to begin with

Sneak peek from behind the camera!

hair accessories