The Top Must-Have Claw Clips for Every Hairstyle

The Top Must-Have Claw Clips for Every Hairstyle

Claw clips are trending everywhere right now and we are here to advise you which hair claws are best for you and your hair to prevent damage and hair thinning.

What hair clips don't hurt your head?

Claw clips are a great option for those who want a pain-free hair accessory. However, it is important you choose a non-damaging one. Plastic claw clips often have sharp edges which can cause breakage to your hair resulting in discomfort.

Our claw clips are made from a sustainable, flexible material called cellulose acetate which won't dig into your scalp or cause any discomfort. All of our claw clips are smoothed by hand to ensure there are no rough edges.

Sophia Claw Clips are also a perfect, comfortable hair accessory which will not cause any discomfort to your head. Discover the perfect combination of comfort and style with this hair claw. Handcrafted for long-lasting wear, perfect for when you're driving or sitting for a while, as it lays flat against the head for comfortable wear all day.

Should I sleep with my hair in a claw clip?  

We do not recommend you sleep with your hair in a claw clip. Although our claw clips are comfortable, you should remove them before sleeping.

To maintain good hair health, we suggest you should sleep in a moisturising hair mask to help with hydration. We would also recommend you avoid sleeping with wet hair. This is because our hair is much more fragile when wet and is more sensitive to damage. One protective hairstyle whilst sleeping is the plait. You can secure this plait with a Handmade Ponytailer to avoid damage. This is also a super easy heatless hairstyle!

Do claw clips cause hair thinning?

Claw clips are a much healthier alternative to other hair clips and do not cause hair thinning. They do not pull or snag on your hair like plastic hair clips. Our hair claw clips are handmade to perfection and undergo a three step polishing process for the smoothest edges. These smooth edges help prevent any damage and breakage unlike other sharp edged hair claws which will pull on the hair.   

Read here for the benefits of hair claw clips.

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