Comfortable, School Friendly Hair Accessories for Children

Comfortable, School Friendly Hair Accessories for Children

The world of children's fashion is filled with endless possibilities, from tiny shoes to adorable outfits, but one of the most charming ways to enhance your child's look is through children's hair accessories.

How do girls keep their hair out of their face?

Girls can use various different accessories to keep their hair out of their face. One of the common hair accessories to use for girls are headbands. Headbands can be worn across the forehead to push hair back and keep it in place. We have launched our new Handmade Children's Denim Flower Headband Set which are perfect for little heads! Whether its for school, birthday parties, or everyday wear, these headbands are the perfect styling tool for children's hair. The soft material and flexible band is gentle on the hair for long lasting wear. Featuring a sweet denim flower detail, these headbands are available in three shades, so you can choose the perfect colour to compliment your little one's hair.

How do I put hair clips in my daughters hair?

  1. Comb or brush her hair: Use a fine-tooth comb or brush to gently detangle and smooth her hair. This will make it easier to work with.
  2. Decide on the placement: Determine where you want to place the hair clips. We would suggest using our Flower Snap Clips at the sides of the head to keep hair out of the eyes.

  3. Prepare the hair clip: If you are using our snap clips, you can simply open it by pressing the two sides.

  4. Gather a small section of hair: Take a small section of her hair where you want to place the clip. Use your fingers to hold this section firmly.

  5. Attach the hair clip: Position the hair clip over the section of hair you're holding. Slide the clip over the hair, ensuring it covers the hair completely. If it's a snap clip, press it closed to secure the hair in place. The clips are gentle on the hair and provide a strong hold for long lasting wear which make them perfect for school!

  6. Repeat if necessary: If you want to use more clips, repeat the process with other sections of her hair as desired or you can stack our set of Snap Clips on both sides!

Children's Hair Scrunchies

Hair scrunchies for children are a popular and colourful accessory that can be used to tie back and style their hair. We have designed our Handmade Denim Flower Scrunchie Set to be comfortable and gentle on the hair. These are also available in three neutral shades making them suitable for school.

Scrunchies can be a fun and practical addition to your child's hair accessory collection, helping to keep their hair out of their face while adding a touch of style to their outfits.

Little Girl Hair Accessories

For school days, our headbands, snap clips and scrunchies in school colours are gentle on the hair and comfy to wear. For the ultimate school hair accessory collection, why not try our Handmade Children's Denim Accessory Set which contains x1 Headband, x1 Scrunchie, and x1 pair of Snap Clips in three shades of denim, featuring sweet floral details.

We have a huge variety of hair accessories for girls, that will keep hair in place comfortably while looking pretty! If she loves sparkle then any of our Swarovski hair clips make the perfect gift for girls. Try this Mini Swarovski Crystal Heart Hair Clip. From colourful headbands, sparkly clips and cute hair claws, there’s hair accessories for girls of every style and age.

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