All Of Your Questions Answered: Hair Specialists Tips

All Of Your Questions Answered: Hair Specialists Tips

Our Customer Care team has over a decade of experience in offering product recommendations to customers. We are here to answer all of your commonly asked questions!

Which is the best product for my hair type?

We have a vast collection of hair accessories designed for all hair types. From claw clips to barrettes and headbands to chignon pins, we definitely have a product for you and your hair type.

The best hair accessories for fine hair are smaller accessories that secure firmly in place and avoid adding weight to prevent them from slipping out.

It can be difficult to find thick hair accessories with strong enough springs and teeth strong enough to hold your hair up all day. The best accessories for thick hair tend to be large and wide toothed, designed with sturdy materials that can keep a firm grip on your hair without sliding out, snagging, or even snapping.


Clips for curly hair need to be strong to provide a firm and lasting hold. At Tegen Accessories our range of French handmade accessories will do just that - they won’t snag or get caught and cause breakage (or frizz!) and they’re strong enough to provide lasting hold in thick curly hair.

Please get in touch with our Customer Care team that has over a decade of experience in offering product recommendations to customers. You can contact us via live chat, email or over the phone.

Which hair accessory should I get for my hair colour?

Finding hair accessories to match or compliment your hair colour can be difficult. We have over 20 colourways designed for all hair colours. These patterns have all been made with our customers and colour trends in mind.

For warm brunettes and blondes, we would recommend our classic Dark Tokio colourway. This is a best selling colourway that we always restock. For grey/ silver hair colours, we absolutely love Opal and Onyx as these really compliment this hair colour. For cooler blondes and brunettes, White Tokio and Prada Style are must-haves! Those with red and auburn hair colours, Creme Brulee and Vanilla are compliementary colours that look beautiful in these hair tones.

We have so many more colourways available so please do get in touch with our Customer Care team if you would like some more recommendations.

Why are some clips more expensive than others?

The price point for our French Handmade hair accessories is higher than our French Essentials and A La Mode collections because the process to produce these hair accessories is very time-consuming and has a detailed ten step process. Our French Handmade clips are lovingly made from a biodegradable material called cellulose acetate. This material is very strong and long lasting yet flexible. These hair accessories are unlike no other, crafted with care and exceptionally polished for a smooth finish meaning they will not snag on your hair.

Our French Essentials and A La Mode collections are still made from strong, durable and sustainable materials. To craft these accessories, the factory uses recycled off cuts from the handmade collection to ensure no product is wasted. This material is then injected to a mould so they are not handmade which is reflected in the price of these accessories.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, we do sell gift cards! We also have a selection of gift boxes for all hair types which make a beautiful gift for your loved ones! All the luxury products come with a brushed cotton dust bag and arrive in a beautiful, eco-friendly gift box, finished with a ribbon. Make it personal - add products to the box and include a gift note at checkout!

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