Everything You Need To Know About French Hair Barrettes

Everything You Need To Know About French Hair Barrettes

What are French barrettes and what makes them superior to other barrettes on the market? From how to wear the iconic barrette to how to keep them in place, we have covered all the questions you may have about barrettes.
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What are French barrettes?

We're here to answer all of your questions that you may have about barrettes. One of the most common questions we get asked is about French barrettes, what are they and what makes them superior to other barrettes on the market?

France is historically the birthplace of luxury. France has a history of making the best hair clips in the world going back to 1630 when the King of France named the town where our clips are made the exclusive supplier of hair clips to France. France is therefore known for making the best hair accessories in the world. This is why we chose to have our barrettes brought to life in France, bringing a touch of something special, valueable and unique into the lives of our customers.

Each barrette is lovingly handcrafted from biodegradable sheets of cellulose acetate and hand polished to ensure a luxurious shine. Cellulose acetate is made from plant fibres, primarily wood pulp which is a strong yet flexible material. Invest in French barrettes which are kind to your hair and the planet.

Do barrettes damage hair?

Are barrettes still in style?

What are the different types of barrettes?

How do you wear French Barrettes?


1. Press the metal pads either side of the clasp to open the clip.

2. Gather the hair in a ponytail at the nape of your neck.

3. Slip the bottom part of the clip under the ponytail until the clasp comes out at the other side.

4. Clamp the top of the clip down over the ponytail and push clasp together to secure.

This is how to use a barrette for a low ponytail, you can also use barrettes for half up styles, French pleats and up-do's. You can find more hairstyles in this blog on how to use barrette clips.

Hair Tutorial: How to style stick barrettes.


What is the difference between a barrette and a hair clip?

Barrette clips are usually made from metal and are finished with a plastic or resin topper for decoration. The clip on a barrette is secured with a clasp which is opened by pressing the two metal pieces either side of it. A barrette is a type of hair clip which holds the hair securely in place with a metal clasp. There are many variations of a hair clip and a barrette is simply one of them.

Barrettes and Hair Clips: What are the differences?

Why is a barrette called a barrette?

The term 'barrette' is a French word that means 'small bar' which defines as a clip or bar for holding hair in place.

Our French manufacturers have been crafting and perfecting barrettes since 1892 with the most robust and durable mechanisms, completing a barrette that will last you for years and years.

Where should barrettes be worn?

Barrettes can be worn at the back of your head in a half-up style, up-do or a ponytail. Alternatively, you can use barrettes to clip back small sections of the hair at the side of your head or behind the ear. There is so much freedom when it comes to barrettes in how you style and wear them, have fun and be creative with them!

How do you get a barrette to stay in your hair?

Barrettes can hold your hair securely in place all day and night, however you need to make sure you have the perfect barrette for your hair type. Finer hair types usually suit flat barrette styles as they clasp the hair securely to prevent slipping. Arched barrette clips are the best style for thick, long or textured hair. The arched shape means there is plenty of space inside the clip to hold lots of hair. This blog goes into more detail on how to style fine hair.

For thicker hair types read this blog on how to style long, thick hair.

Another tip to keep hair barrettes from slipping out is to add a touch of hairspray to the clip or the section of the hair you want to put the clip in.

How To Choose Barrettes For Your Hair Type

Please contact us if you would like any recommendations for your hair type.

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