How To Use a Claw Clip With Short Hair

How To Use a Claw Clip With Short Hair

Having short hair is both stylish and practical. But with less hair to style, exploring hairstyles can be pretty challenging. Hair claws are the perfect option to pin back sections or create half-up styles.
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Can I use a hair claw with short hair?

Most definitely. No matter how short your hair is, you can create half-up ponytails and buns easily with hair claws.

How do you style mini claws?

Mini hair claws are a great accessory to use with short hair, they can be fun yet stylish! Simply clip the mini hair claws at each side of your hair for a cute half up style or keep both hair claws at the same side.

How do you style short hair with hair claws?

There are many ways of how to dress up a short hair cut including a half-up style secured with a hair claw at the back of your head or twisting your front sections back behind your ears. Explore our range of hair claw clips for short hair.

Are hair claws less damaging?

Absolutely. Claw clips are a healthier alternative for your hair than hair elastics which tend to pull and snag on the hair. Claw clips are gentle and lightweight on the hair. Our French Handmade accessories are made from a strong yet flexible material called cellulose acetate. This material is durable and sustainable. Our craftsmen in France have been making clips since 1892 making them experts in what they do. Our hair claws go through a three step polishing process which ensures our claw clips are non-damaging.

How do you use a butterfly hair claw?

Using a butterfly hair claw is simple. First, gather your hair into a ponytail or bun. Then, twist your hair into a coil and hold it in place with one hand. With the other hand, open the butterfly hair claw and position it over the twisted hair. Release the claw so that it closes around the hair, securing it in place.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a butterfly hair claw is the size and shape. Hair claws come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different hair types and styles. Hair claws for short hair need to be lightweight and smaller. Our small and mini hair claws work perfectly in short hair.

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