Hair Styling Hacks: Expert Tips for Using Chignon Pins

Hair Styling Hacks: Expert Tips for Using Chignon Pins

In this blog post, we explore the practicality and ease of using chignon pins for all hair types. Whether you have long, short, curly, or straight hair, chignon pins can be a versatile and stylish accessory to elevate your hairstyle.

How to do a chignon on natural hair?

The technique of a chignon on natural hair is the same for all hair types. Whether you are creating a French pleat or a bun hairstyle, chignon pins can work on natural hair. This blog goes into more detail on how to use chignon pins.

For a French Pleat in natural hair:

1. Gather the hair at the nape of the neck and twist.

2. Bring the twist up so it is flat against your head.

3. Tuck the ends under and roll slightly into the pocket of hair that forms beside the twist.

4. With the pin upside down so it curves away from the head, push the prongs of the chignon pin through the top layers of hair in the middle of the updo. Don't do this too low on the style, or the top will be too heavy and it will not hold in place.

5. Then flip the pin and push it into the twist so that it now follows the curve of your head.

How to do a chignon on short hair

If you have short hair and are looking to use chignon pins, half-up buns are the easiest and most practical. French pleats and up-do's can be difficult with short hair so we would suggest sticking to half-up buns. Chignon buns are very simple and the technique is easy to master!

1. Gather the top section of hair at the back of the head at the desired height where you would like to bun to sit.

2. Twist the hair round into a bun shape.

3. With the curve of the pin facing away from the bun, push the prongs of the chignon pin through a few layers of hair on one side of the bun.

4. Then flip the pin and push it underneath the bun to secure it in place, with the curve of the pin following the curve of your head.

Are french pins good for thin hair?

French pins can definitely work in thin and fine hair. If you have long fine hair, up-do's and French pleats are the best hairstyle to achieve using chignon pins. We would recommend our 10cm Chignon Pin for long, fine hair. This pin is the perfect size for fine hair, use it to create French pleats and up-do's. Our 6x Small Chignon Pins also work really well for fine hair, they are small and can hold fine hair securely all day.

Do French pins work on thick hair?

One of the main benefits of French hair pins is their ability to hold hair securely in place without causing damage or discomfort. This makes them a great option for women with thick hair who struggle to find hair accessories that can hold their hair without slipping or breaking.

French pins are a great option for those with thick hair. They are strong and sturdy, and can hold a lot of hair without slipping or sliding. The size is very important, choose a pin that is long enough to hold all of your hair. Our Long Filigree Hair Pin is perfect for long, thick hair. The material of the pin is also a contributing factor, French pins can be made of plastic which cannot hold thick hair. They can also cause damage to the hair. Our French Handmade pins are made from flexible cellulose acetate which is also biodegradable. The smooth edges prevent damage and snagging on the hair.

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