Brand Ambassador at Tegen Accessories
Brand Ambassador at Tegen Accessories

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Looking to build your brand and get rewarded for it? Join the Tegen team as a brand ambassador and get exclusive access to our products and promotions.

A Tegen Ambassador is a community of content creators and bloggers to build partnerships and relationships with. Do you have a passion for luxury fashion and beauty? Apply now and become a part of something special!

If you would like to partner with us you will receive a 10% off discount code for you to share with your followers and readers. For every sale made from this discount code you will receive a 20% commission rate. There are always opportunities to earn higher commissions.

Become a brand ambassador and help promote the products you love! We will send you products that you are passionate about and you can share your experiences with your followers. If you have any questions then please get in touch with us.

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Become A Brand Ambassador For Luxury French Hair Accessories Brand: Tegen Accessories

Brand Ambassador at Tegen Accessories

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Customised discount code

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Mermaid Hair Accessories at Tegen Accessories

Sobre nosotros

We are an independent business with a real passion for sustainable and high quality hair accessories, committed to helping people look and feel great with our stylish accessories. We specialise in luxury, eco-friendly French hair accessories. Our luxurious approach is reflected in our features in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Red, Grazia and Stylist magazines.