Hair Accessories Designed For Curly Hair  

Struggling to tame your curly hair? It doesn’t need to be a struggle when you have Tegen Accessories at hand.

Non-Frizz & Non-Snag Design

We disagree with the one size fits all approach when it comes to hair accessories. Each person has a different hair type and we should not settle for a flimsy high street hair clip that has not been designed with your hair type in mind. At Tegen Accessories, we have spent over a decade designing hair accessories with our French manufacturer who have been hand crafting hair accessories since 1892, to ensure that each hair piece has the perfect design functions for a specific hair type.

Curly hair accessories should be designed with durable and strong mechanisms to ensure the accessory doesn't break on your luscious curls. To prevent your curls from frizzing, you need to be using hair accessories that are smooth-edged which won't pull or snag on your hair. Cheaper, plastic accessories tend to cause breakage and split ends to the hair, damaging the curls.

Our French Handmade accessories are kind to the hair, designed with smooth edges and the most durable materials and mechansisms.

Why Our Products?

Kind To The Hair

Each product has smooth polished edges which reduces pulling and snagging of your hair which ultimately reduces hair breakage and dreaded split ends.

Unbeatable Quality

With our Tegen Promise Quality Guarantee, you can be sure to trust that our hair accessories are of the highest standard.


Our products are made from cellulose acetate, a sustainable, biodegradable material that is strong yet flexible.

Look Stylish Whilst Keeping Your Hair In Place

We have spent over a decade perfecting the designs for each individual hair accessory for each individual hair type. That is why we want you to understand what makes our hair accessories superior and unique. 

You suffer more than most with accessories made with weakened mechanisms that simply can't hold all of your curly hair. This is why we have designed our curly hair accessories to comfortably but securely hold all of your hair in place, all day.

Our curly hair barrettes are designed with a larger space between the clasp and the form of the barrette, allowing all of your curls to fit inside without damaging them.

Our curly hair claw clips are designed with a wide grasp and strong, durable springs which will hold your curls in place without breaking the hair clip or your hair.

You decide when to let your hair down, not your hair clip.

Reliable And Non-Damaging

With years of experience our craftsmen have created the perfect hair clips for curly hair that will not fail you. You’ll immediately feel the difference in both the clip and the resilient non-plastics we use to give our accessories that unique look customers love.

Our French Handmade accessories are made from cellulose acetate which goes through a 3-step polishing process which ensures that the edges are smooth and don’t catch or snag, avoiding breakage on your curly hair. Cellulose acetate is a flexible material which helps avoid tension and pulling of your hair.

Mainitain good hair health with these biodegradable, smooth hair accessories.

Each accessory is lovingly made with strong steel mechanisms which won't give up on you and your curly hair. Invest in reliable hair accessories that your curly hair deserves.

Stylish Colours And Shapes

We’re constantly launching new colours and styles that are designed with trends and our customers in mind. With over 3,000 unique accessories manufactured over the past 10 years, you won't find other patterns and colours like it. The stunning patterns are created within the resin, meaning they will not fade over time.

You can be sure to find a colour or pattern that suits your individual style.

We are also constantly launching new shapes and styles for different activities so you will always have a hair accessory at hand for the day-to-day as well as your upcoming big events.

Best Selling Curly Hair Accessories

Take a look at our reviews ...

We have designed our accessories in a way that makes them durable, reliable and kind to the hair with smooth polished edges to avoid damage that cheaper alternatives tend to cause.

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our glowing reviews from over 4,400 customers.

“ I now have five pairs of these! They clip my curly hair back all day, will definitely be adding more to my collection. I think you can safely assume that I really like them!”

— 2x 7cm Snap Clips

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