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Elegant hair accessories that are kind to your hair and the environment.

Time to let your hair down?
You decide. Not your hair clip.

Tired of plastic clips that don't keep your hair in place, break easily or lack the elegance your hair deserves?

So was I. That’s why I founded Tegen Accessories. Over the past 10 years more than 100,000 customers have put their trust in us to transform their hair with our beautifully made, long-lasting hair accessories which better manage their hair and look stylish too. And they haven't looked back since, a Tegen clip will outperform plastic alternatives every single time.


Why Our Products?

Kind To The Hair

Each French Handmade product is carefully polished in three detailed steps for the smoothest edges which means they are kind and gentle on the hair.


Our French Handmade collection is hand-crafted from durable materials which are hand-cut with lasers, then shaped and polished by hand for a stunning finish.


Our products are made from cellulose acetate, a sustainable, biodegradable material that is strong yet flexible.

3 Reasons Why Your Going To Love Tegen Accessories

1. Keep Your Hair In Place All Day

Our hair is unique to us. So why are high street hair clips designed thinking one-size fits all? No wonder your hair is slipping out of your plastic accessory or it's snapped once again because it can't hold all of your luscious hair. Your hair deserves more than that approach, at Tegen Accessories we accomodate for all hair types and textures.


It's so frustrating when you spend your day having to readjust your hair thanks to clips that simply don't stay in place. We have a collection of accessories that are specifically designed for fine hair that will not slip out of the hair and will last all day. The smooth edges on our French handmade collection are gentle on your hair, which maintains the best hair quality and causes no breakage on the hair.

Struggling to get your hair clip to fasten? Constantly buying replacements thanks to cheap plastics that snap when all you want to do is clip your hair back? We hear you. Our range of hair accessories are designed with the most robust and strong mechanisms that will end those struggles and will help you better manage your hair on your terms, not your hair clips.

Struggling to control your unruly, curly hair? Try our range of stylish banana clips, claw clips and barrettes. With hundreds of styles to choose from you can match your accessories to your hair colour or outfit for every day wear. Control your curly hair with ease thanks to our durable French Handmade hair clips.

Having a short hair cut can be much easier to manage compared to longer hair but it doesn’t mean that you lose the ability to create lots of different styles and ways of dressing it. Take a look at our collection of hair accessories that are specifically designed for short hair.

Keep that beautiful long hair in place with hair accessories that are made to last. You suffer more than most with accessories made with weakened mechanisms that snag or damage hair. Our clips are lovingly made with strong and durable materials that will keep your long hair in place all day.

2. How we design stronger, more eco-friendly hair accessories

We work with the best in the business. Our team in Oyonnax, France have been manufacturing hair accessories for over 100 years. With years of experience our craftsmen have created the perfect hair clip that will not fail you and your hair. You’ll immediately feel the difference in both the clip and the resilient non-plastics we use to give our accessories that unique look customers love.

3. Style your hair with elegance

We’re constantly launching new colours and styles that are designed with trends and our customers in mind. With over 3,000 unique accessories manufactured over the past 10 years, you won't find other patterns and colours like it. The stunning patterns are created within the resin, meaning they will not fade over time. Whatever your hair colour, age or wardrobe, you’ll discover the perfect accessory (or two) for you.


Take a look at our reviews ...

Our products have have been featured in several magazines, such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

Take a look at our glowing reviews from over 4,400 customers.

“It's perfect! Beautifully made and holds my thick hair in place all day.”

— Wide Arched Barrette

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