We fall into a midpoint where we aren’t as cheap as high street accessories, but we aren’t as expensive as designer accessories. This sweet spot is ideal if you’re somebody who prioritises quality and longevity over fast fashion trends and designer labels. However, it also means that people are sometimes unsure about how we land on prices for our accessories. Let me talk you through it.

The biggest factor for us with pricing is the cost of producing our accessories. Our Ooh La La! range is handmade by expert craftspeople in France, using the finest quality materials. Our suppliers emphasise excellence, and sometimes, sourcing these high quality materials can be rather expensive!

As the prices of supplies rise, the price of the finished product must rise with it. Throughout history, we have seen inflation across prices of everyday items - unfortunately, hair accessories are no exception!

While we talk a lot about the countless benefits of our hair accessories, one thing we don’t talk about much is pricing!

With inflation and the cost of living affecting everybody, we wanted to be transparent with our customers and let you know more about the pricing of our products, and how we reach each figure.  

Our spending at Tegen Accessories is minimal compared to most fashion brands. We keep costs low here by building our own storage shelves and spaces, re-using materials where we can, and keeping waste to a minimum. In our industry, a big expense is advertising. You may notice that you don’t see a wide range of ads for Tegen Accessories - this is because we don’t spend a great deal of money in this area. The majority of our earnings are invested back into the company through our team's wages and the rental space of our Brighton offices. We put excellent service and a happy working environment before big profits.


In truth, we would love to be able to lower our prices. However, it just isn’t possible for us. As a small business, we make considered decisions around pricing that we believe are fair and in line with the market. While some of our competitors will raise their prices annually (or several times a year!), we are glad to say that in the last four and a half years, we have only raised our prices twice despite the difficult economy. We could drop our prices tomorrow, but this would not be sustainable, and we want to stay in business to provide you with the highest quality hair solutions for years to come!

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Care team.