A Hair Accessory For Everyone On Your Christmas List

A Hair Accessory For Everyone On Your Christmas List

Our list of hair accessories that we think would make amazing gifts this Christmas, and there's something for everyone on your list, from sparkles and colourful accessories, to elegant and timeless clips, and even some men's gift ideas! 
Hair Tutorial: How To Use Hair Claw Clips Vous lisez A Hair Accessory For Everyone On Your Christmas List 10 minutes Suivant Shine Bright With Crystal Hair Accessories, Even At Home!

This year has been a bit different to say the least, but one thing we are happy about is the extra excitement for Christmas! After a rollercoaster of a year, are you starting your Christmas preparations a little earlier too?

We've put together a list of hair accessories that we think would make amazing gifts this Christmas, and there's something for everyone on your list, from sparkles and colourful accessories, to elegant and timeless clips. 

For Long Hair

We all know someone with enviable long, thick or curly locks, but their hair can be difficult to manage! Why not give them a helping hand by gifting them an accessory which will hold their hair securely in a beautiful style? 
The accessories in our French handmade collection are made from durable cellulose acetate and finished with strong steel clasps to create clips which are designed to hold the hair comfortably and last for years, ideal for someone with heavy or lots of hair!

Our Large Hair Claw and Curved Hair Claws are perfect for people with lots of hair, whether it's long, curly or just very thick! There's plenty of space inside these to hold the style securely, and it comes in a range of unique colours which make for a really special gift.

Hair Claws For Long Hair-Tegen Accessories
Arched Barrettes are also a perfect gift for this hair type. The arched style allows extra space for the hair inside the clip and they can be used to create a range of styles including elegant French pleats, effortless low ponytails, and simple half-up styles. Our handmade arched barrettes come with either narrow, regular and wide toppers; all with the same sized clip mechanisms. 
Wide Arched Barrette-Narrow Arched Barrette-Tegen Accessories

For Mid-Length Hair

People with mid-length hair, or medium thickness hair are usually easy to buy for as you just want to go for something... well... medium sized! Of course, our Medium Hair Claw is perfect for French twists and updo styles, and the Medium Rectangle Cut Out Claw is a lovely modern twist on the classic style. But, if you're after something a little different, why not give a stick barrette a try?! The Onyx and Tortoiseshell Stick Barrette will help create gorgeous updo styles by simply twisting the hair into a bun, placing the oval piece over the top, and threading the stick through the middle to secure the hair. 

Mid-Length Hair-French Handmade Accessories-Tegen Accessories

For another idea that's a little different, lets throw it back to the 80's with a banana hair clip! Choose from a collection including our luxury handmade Small Round Banana Clip, a classic Thick Hair Banana Clip, or even a pop of colour with a purple Long Banana Clip! Banana clips are coming back into fashion in a big way, and we think they are amazing for creating an effortless and full-looking ponytail.

Small Round Banana Clip-Long Banana Clip-Tegen Accessories

For Short Hair

Having shorter hair doesn't mean you can't wear hair accessories! We have some lovely options which don't require having lots of long hair, so even people on your list with short hair can enjoy styling it.

Headbands are a great option for the people on your list with short hair, as they work perfectly on everyone, no matter their hair type. They are a stylish way to accessorise your hair, and are so simple to use but look great!
Our Handmade Fabric Headbands are perfect for adding some colour to any outfit. These wide headbands come in a range of prints, from bright colours and leopard print, to classic lace and ruched satin. The wide, padded style is comfortable to wear all day, making this a lovely gift for anyone to receive! 

Handmade Fabric Headbands-Tegen Accessories

Clips and hair slides are another lovely gift for people with short hair. For a classic look, try the 2x 7cm Snap Clips from our French handmade collection. They close tightly so work well holding small sections of any hair type without slipping and are a great way to clip back fringes, side pieces of hair, and fly-aways! Or, for a little sparkle go for some crystal hair slides such as our  Crystal Art Deco Hair Slide and the Oval Crystal Sparkle Snap Clip, perfect for holding small sections of hair, and adding a touch of Christmas glamour to their hairstyle!

Art Deco Crystal Hair Slides-Oval Sparkle Crystal Snap Clip-Tegen Accessories

For Someone Always On-The-Go

Do you know someone who never stops moving and is always busy?! They're probably in need of an easy-to-use hair accessory which is practical and can be used to throw up their hair in a ponytail or updo in a hurry. 

Scrunchies are a great way to make a ponytail or bun look extra-special, whilst still being easy to use and comfortable. Our beautiful ByEloise Hair Scrunchies are handmade from the most luxurious satin and silk materials, our hair scrunchies define pure glamour. They are super comfortable and damage-free and we think they're the ideal gift for someone who does their hair in a hurry!

Handmade Duchess Satin Scrunchies-Gold,Gunmetal-Tegen Accessories

Our Essentials hair claws are the perfect accessories for keeping in a handbag for hair emergencies on the go! For thick hair, we think they will love the Octopus Hair Claw which can be used to secure a messy bun at the back of the head for a quick and easy hairstyle. In finer hair, a Medium Steph Hair Claw will hold a simple twist in place all day!

Essentials Hair Claws-Medium Steph Claw-Octopus Claw-Tegen Accessories

For Lovers Of Sparkle!

When better than the festive season to add a bit (or a lot) of sparkle to your outfit? If you know someone who always loves a bit of glitz and sparkle, we have a stunning collection of crystal hair accessories which are sure to add a touch of glamour to their hairstyles. 

For a statement piece, we think our Swarovski Crystal adorned Crown Claws make the most beautiful and special gift for a loved one. Choose from a Small or Large size, and then just let the crystals do the talking! This claw can be used to create an elegant updo, perfect for special occasions!

Small Swarovski Crystal Crown Claw-Gold-Tegen Accessories

Crystal barrettes are perfect for so many hair types as they can be used as slides to hold small side sections of hair, or they could be used to secure a half-up and even updo hairstyle. Some lovely choices are the Crystal Three Star Barrette and the Crystal Scatter Barrette, but we have so many other beautiful styles here!

Swarovski Crystal Three Star Barrette-Swarovski Crystal Scatter Barrette-Tegen Accessories
Crystal headbands are great gifts, as they will work perfectly for everyone no matter their hair type. For a traditional silver style take a look at our Metallic  Five Star Headband or, for a little pop of colour, the Crystal Scatter Headband comes in pretty amethyst and vibrant multicoloured crystal.
Metallic Swarovski Five Star Headband-Swarovski Crystal Scatter Headband-Tegen Accessories

For Injecting Some Colour

This year has been difficult for most of us, so inject some joy into your gift giving this Christmas and put a smile on their face with a colourful hair accessory to brighten their day! 

Our favourite colourful gifts are our vibrant charm hair elastics. Not only do they looks great in the hair, but with so many of us keeping a hair elastic around our wrist for emergencies, these hairbands are designed to look lovely when not worn in the hair too! We also now have beautiful silk scrunchies with gold heart charms for an added touch of luxury or, add a personal touch with one of our Zodiac Charm Hairbands.

Charm Hair Elastics-Tegen Accessories

New to our popular French handmade collection is our colourful hair pins. Perfect for someone who loves to create classic hairstyles but is looking to inject some colour into their look, these hair pins are perfectly smooth and kind to the hair whilst being strong and secure for all-day-wear. 
The 8cm Waved Chignon Pin is perfect for creating French pleats and bun hairstyles in most hair types and comes in three pretty colours, whilst our Classic French Hair Pins come in a set of two and are ideal for longer hair, medium to thick hair, and textured hair types.

8cm Waved Chignon Pin-Classic French Hair Pins-French Handmade-Tegen Accessories

For the quirky one!

If you have someone on your list who likes something a little unique and different, our crystal brooches could be exactly what they're looking for! Choose from a range of designs including animals, insects, sealife and flowers. Each one is embellished with colourful crystals and most of these brooches also have a beak clip so can be worn in the hair too. 

Crystal Brooches-Rosie Fox-Tegen Accessories

Another great choice for someone who likes their accessories to be a bit different, and especially for dog lovers, is our French handmade Dachshund Barrette. It is a strong arched barrette clip with a tortoiseshell dachshund shaped topper and finished with Swarovski crystal eyes and a collar. It is perfect for medium and thick hair types, or lots of fine hair, and can be used to create updo styles, low ponytails and half-up hairstyles. 

Dachshund Barrette-French Handmade-Tegen Accessories

For The Men In Your Life

Hair accessories aren't just for the girls, we have a brother brand Mens Hair Tools where you can shop premium and everyday hair accessories for men!

Headbands are a good choice for men, especially if they like to keep their hair off their face whilst working or playing sports. The Narrow Headband comes in a range of neutral colours, including black marble, making it a great option for men. The Sports Headband  from the Everyday range also comes in two neutral colours, and has two rows of teeth on the inside to help keep it in place and push the hair securely out of their face. 

Narrow Headband-10mm French Headband-Men Hair Accessories

Gift Wrapping

To make gift giving even easier this year, we're offering a gift wrapping service to save you a job! Simply tick for gift wrapping at the checkout and your accessories will come wrapped in a beautiful gift box tied with a ribbon. If you're sending directly to the recipient, make sure to leave a gift note and we will hand-write your message onto one of our gift cards, and leave the invoice out of the parcel. 

Christmas Gift Wrapping Service-Tegen Accessories
We hope this has given you some ideas for amazing hair accessories to suit everyone on your list this year! 
Don't forget to contact us if you would like personalised advice or recommendations, and be sure to check out our Christmas Shop for more gift inspiration and our full collection of Christmas gifts! 
Thank you for all of your support this year, and for choosing to shop with small businesses like us. Have a very Happy Christmas! 

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