Shine Bright With Crystal Hair Accessories, Even At Home!

Shine Bright With Crystal Hair Accessories, Even At Home!

As Christmas and New Years approaches, these are our top picks of crystal hair accessories, and some ideas of how to style them.

Christmas and New Year parties may be off the cards for many of us this year, but that doesn't mean you can't get dressed up in your finest anyway! 
Our collection of crystal accessories are the perfect way to add some sparkle to any outfit. Whether you're partying at home with your family, or having a video call get-together, a crystal hair clip is sure to bring a touch of glamour. These are our top picks for each type of crystal hair accessory, and some ideas of how to style them.

Crystal Hair Claws

One of our favourite hair claws is the Swarovski Crystal decorated Crown Claw. It comes in a small and large size, features intricate filigree metalwork and is embellished with lots of crystals in different sizes, making it a real showstopper! It is perfect for securing updo hairstyles in most hair types, or half-up styles in thicker hair, and is a beautiful claw to wear year after year.

Large Swarovski Crystal Crown Claw-Tegen Accessories

Large Crystal Crown Hair Claw - Pewter Crystal/Antique Silver

Small Swarovski Crystal Crown Claw-Tegen Accessories
Small Crystal Crown Hair Claw - AB Crystal/Gold

If you are a fan of our signature French handmade collection, or just prefer something a little more subtle, we love the Mini Swarovski Crystal adorned Hair Claws. A similar design to our best selling Mini Hair Claw, this pretty clip is embellished with little Swarovski crystals and comes in two wearable neutral colours. They are handmade using cellulose acetate, a durable material which is designed to last, and is finished with a strong steel spring. They are perfect for holding small sections of most hair types, or in finer or shorter hair you could use a couple to secure a bun hairstyle.

Crystal Headbands

Headbands are a really simple way of adding something special to your look, without any effort, just pop on a sparkly headband and you're ready. They are also perfect for every hair type, length and texture, so just because your hair is short doesn't mean you can't accessorise it! 
We love the Metallic Crystal Five Star Headband, with sparkling Swarovski crystals it's perfect for Christmas and is extra sparkly with a metallic woven band as well as the crystal stars. 

Metallic Swarovksi Five Star Headband
If you're looking for something even more festive, why not try velvet knotted headband with Swarovski crystals and pearls? The Christmas dream team! It is handmade for a high-quality finish, and is comfortable to wear all day, so you won't be getting a headband headache on your Zoom calls! Plus, we think this is a great winter headband for outside of the festive season as well, why not have a glamorous hairstyle every day?!

Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Velvet Knot Headband-Tegen Accessories

Crystal Hair Slides

Perfect for small sections of most hair types, and also suitable for styling shorter hair, hair slides are a great way to add a little shine to your hairstyle. The Swarovski Crystal embellished Art Deco Hair Slide takes inspiration from 1920s accessories and look lovely worn individually or stack two or three together, or try the Crystal and Pearl Star Hair Slide for a cosmic twist.

Crystal Snap Clips

Our sparkle snap clips come in a range of beautiful colours, in two different shapes, and are made on strong black snap clips with smooth material covering the top of the clip. The work well in every hair type, and even make lovely gifts! They could be used to hold side sections of hair, or to clip hair at the top of back of the head in a half-up style in finer hair. 

Crystal Push-Pin Hair Clips

Push pin hair clips are perfect for medium to thick hair types, but can also be lovely for holding more fine hair, and some larger clips will even hold an updo! We have a stunning range of new push-pin crystal clips in lots of different shapes and colours.

Oval Cut-Out Crystal Hair Clip-Turquoise

Crystal Barrette Clips

Barrettes are one of our most popular clip styles, and a crystal barrette can create lots of different hairstyles in all different types of hair. Whether it's a statement crystal embellished clip, or a more simple and understated style, take a look at some of our favourites!

Swarovski Crystal Scatter Barrette-Blue
Crystal Scatter Barrette 

Narrow Swarovski Crystal Barrette-Tegen
Narrow Crystal Barrette - Emerald & White Opal

Swarovski Crystal Three Star Barrette
Crystal Three Star Barrette

Crystal Beak Clips

These 1920s inspired beak clips are perfect for adding some vintage glamour to your hairstyles for the Christmas season. They are perfect for stacking on one side for a statement look, and also look lovely to pin back hair either side of an updo.

Mini Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Beak Clips
Mini Crystal & Pearl Beak Hair Clip

Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Starburst Beak Clip
Crystal & Pearl Starburst Beak Hair Clip

Crystal Charm Hairbands

Charm hair elastics are ideal for someone who just wants to add a little touch of sparkle to their hair style, whilst still keeping their hair back in a ponytail or plait. They are also designed to look just as nice around your wrist as in your hair, so they are made in a range of pretty colours with different shaped charms. They also make great stocking fillers!

Crystal Charm Hairbands-By Eloise-Tegen Accessories
Crystal Snowflake Charm Hairband - Ice Blue
Crystal Butterfly Charm Hairband - Light Pink
Crystal Star Charm Hairband - Black

Crystal Christmas Tree Charm Hairband
Crystal Christmas Tree Charm Hairband - Green

So there you have it, our top picks for stunning crystal hair accessories which are sure to add some sparkle and glamour to your Christmas events, even if they are from home!

As always, we are happy to help you find the perfect accessories for you so don't hesitate to contact us for personalise recommendations. For more Christmas gift ideas, be sure to check out this year's Christmas Gift Guide, and have a browse through our full crystal hair accessory collection.

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