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December 09, 2014 2 min read

There are so many great things about Winter: warm woolly jumpers and fluffy slippers, lovely hot soups and mulled wine, snuggly open fires and cozy radiators and of course Christmas! But if there’s one thing that we don’t look forward to every winter it’s dull, fly-away lifeless hair! So how can we win the battle against Winter frizz and maintain healthy looking locks?

Photo: Blake Lively on the set of Gossip Girl in New York

Showing us it is possible to have gorgeous Winter hair.


We asked Jessie Mayfair - Creative Director and Educator at Mie Mani Hair Salon, London. What exactly is it about this time of year that causes such a negative change in the condition of our hair?


“There are some things that people do during the winter that can cause damage to their hair or dry their hair out more. For example, many people start using hotter water in the shower; understandable as it is the colder time of year; however, this damages the hair and dries out the scalp so I recommend turning the temperature down just whilst rinsing your hair. Wearing winter hats and being in environments where the heating is up high are both generally fine as long as it’s not for a prolonged period of time as this can dry out your hair and scalp. A dry, flaky scalp is very common in winter and along with the air in general being much drier and bitter, these are the main, most common causes. A final one to avoid is going to bed with wet or damp hair, not only is this said to make you unwell but the moisture will get trapped between your head and the pillow and again, dry out your hair.”


How can Tegen Accessories help you this Winter?

Photo: Apricot Peony Jewelled Hair Elastic by Rosie Fox.

Available from Tegen Accessories

Avoid using straighteners and curling irons which dry out your hair, instead style your hair into an up-do. This will also minimize Winter wind-induced tangles. We have an extensive range of hair clips, grips, push pins, barrettes and elastics to choose from.


Photo: Wool Mix Trilby Hat by Suzanne Bettley.

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Hats are not only a brilliant shield against harsh winter weather but they can really complete an outfit. Our hats range in price, style and colour.


Handmade French Narrow Comb - Available from Tegen Accessories.

Intensive conditioning is the key to reviving damaged Winter hair. Hair is at its weakest when wet, so we recommend using one of our super smooth handmade combs to work the conditioner through your hair to prevent damaging it further.


So, whether you’re staying cozy this winter, roasting chestnuts by the fire, hitting the slopes or just battling with the Winter weather, Tegen Accessories is here to help keep your hair looking great all year round.