Biodegradable Hair Accessories: Stylish & Sustainable

Biodegradable Hair Accessories: Stylish & Sustainable

Sustainability is incredibly important to us at Tegen Accessories. This is why our French Hair Accessories are made from natural compounds such as cotton and wood pulp. Find out more about our stylish and sustainable hair accessories.
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From Hair Claws to Barrettes, hair accessories are always increasing in popularity. However, finding eco-friendly hair accessories is not as easy.

If you enjoy elevating your look with hair clips, our hair accessories are the perfect addition to your wardrobe all year round. Our Signature French Handmade Collection is not only high-quality and long-lasting but they are also ethically made, sustainable hair accessories.

Mission Statement in Sustainability

'Sustainability is incredibly important to us at Tegen Accessories. This is why our French Hair Accessories are made from natural compounds such as cotton and wood pulp. We are always looking for new ways to develop our efforts to be as sustainable as possible.

At Tegen Accessories we are committed to protecting the environment and being socially and ethically responsible, including our mission to provide long-lasting handmade products.'

Our signature collection of stunning ‘Ooh La La!’ hair accessories are expertly hand-crafted by a family run business in Oyonnax, France.

This small team has been hand-making these hair clips since the 1800s, and after years of perfecting the most superior and robust mechanisms as well as mastering the smoothest polished edges, these hair accessories are truly exemplary. See more about the detailed process that goes into the making of them here. In addition to this, sustainability has always been an important part of the business.

“Sustainability is not something new to us, it’s not the fashion, it’s not the feather, it’s something we have been conscious about for many years.” - Philippe, French Factory Owner.

All of our hair accessories are ethically produced and made from the sustainable material, Cellulose Acetate. Cellulose Acetate comes from 100% natural compounds and is fully biodegradable, as well as hypoallergenic.

This innovative material is known for its long-lasting quality and the ability to adjust easily to create a custom fit with a sturdy yet flexible form.

“Cellulose Acetate comes from wood pulp, cotton and various other natural sources. If you put it in your regular garden compost, it may take time to decompose but it is fully biodegradable.” - Philippe, French Factory Owner.

Looking at the end-life of a product, there are many various ways to reduce the grounded material without creating more waste, however the best solution is recycling.

100% of items that don’t meet our highest of standards during the manufacturing process are ground down and recycled.” - Philippe, French Factory Owner.

Using a closed-loop system within manufacturing enables the reuse of the same materials over and over again to create new products, reducing the overall consumption and costs.

This system also contributes to the long-lasting quality of sustainably sourced products whilst diverting from the pollution of landfills.

At Tegen Accessories, we are constantly working to improve our sustainability best practices within our growing business and are committed to sharing the journey with our customers, as well as sharing more behind the scenes from the manufacturing process.

Wear your favourite hair accessories with pride in knowing that it has been sustainably sourced, delicately designed and precisely handcrafted to perfection.

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