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Elastic hair bands are non negotiable when it comes to mid length to long hair, and chances are you don’t leave the house without one on your wrist or tucked away in your handbag. Hair ties are always the first thing to go missing from your bag, so keep your collection restocked with some of our high-quality ponytailers and elastic hair ties. Receive free UK Tracked delivery when you spend over £40, plus we offer an extended 90 day no fuss returns policy.



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Handmade Ponytailer in 6cm Onyx Handmade French Hair Accessories at Tegen Accessories White Tokio Ponytailer curly hair |White Tokio
Handmade Ponytailer
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If You Love Hair Ties...

If you love the swish of a ponytail or popping your hair up in a pineapple bun on top then you might find our range of Scrunchies a cute option that gives you that extra bit of security and hold (always without snagging!). Take a look at our gorgeous range of silk and satin scrunchies that are kind to your hair, minimising friction which reduces frizz and thinning. They’re great for any hair type, but if you’ve got curly hair, a silk scrunchie will be your best friend...



We know that some hair bands can pull or snag on hair, so we've curated a range of snag-free hair elastics that won't damage your hair. If you hate the awkward dent that hair bobbles can often leave after wearing for a while, try some of our premium elastic hair ties - they're super strong, soft, won't damage your hair and come in a huge range of patterns and designs, too!