May 03, 2017 3 min read

Today we will be discussing how to use one of our most popular items - the humble hair comb. Whilst we love these versatile accessories, we can't help but notice that many of our customers struggle to use them effectively, or pick the wrong combs for their hair type and feel that as such, hair combs aren't for them. They're wrong!

We are sure that we've got a comb for every hair type, which is handy, as you can use one (or a pair) of these lovely accessories to create a huge range of styles. From half up styles and hair buns to classic French pleats and a lot of vintage looks, a hair comb can do them all, and without using harsh grips and elastics which can potentially snag or damage your hair.

They do take a little practice to get right, and you have to make sure you've got the right comb for your hair type. Check out our fine hair blog and our thick hair blog for more info on picking the right ones for you, and once you've picked your perfect combs, watch the videos below to help you get the technique down. And of course, if you ever need any more help, don't hesitate to get in touch for tips and personalised accessory recommendations.

Style one: Sideswept

In this video, our model Arielle uses our Heart Side Comb from our signature French Handmade range to create a simple swept back look. This is a super-simple style to achieve, so is great for beginners who are first practising using a hair comb.

1. Hold the comb upside down, so the curve is pointing upwards. 

2. Pull back the section of hair into the position you wish to pin it, then, holding your hair in place with your hand, run the teeth of the comb along this section with your other hand. 

3. Still holding your hair back with your hand, flip the comb back over with your other hand and push it forwards until it stays firmly in place.

4. Repeat on the other side with a second comb if you wish.

That's it! Easy.  

Style two: French pleat

This style is a little more tricky to pull off initially, but once you get the hang of it, it can be achieved in a minute tops!  Arielle uses our Curved French Pleat Comb in this video. This is a great choice for those with thicker hair as the curve fits snugly around a larger roll of hair. For finer hair, the 10cm Hair Comb is a great choice.

1.Gather up the hair into a ponytail with your hand at the nape of the neck & start to twist upwards. 

 2. Hold the roll of hair up against your head. If your hair is very long, fold the top of the roll of hair back over behind the twist.

3. Holding the twist up against the head, carefully roll it to the left so that the ends are concealed against the back of your head

4. Holding the comb upside down, so the curve points upwards, poke the teeth through the top few layers of hair. Don't take too much hair at this point!

5. Flip the comb back round under the twist, making sure to push it firmly into the hair underneath so it will stay securely in place. 

Once you get the hang of it, it's a simple and elegant style!

Style three: Half up style

hair combs

Another easy but smart style which only takes a minute. Here I am using one of our most popular combs, the 8cm handmade side comb in Onyx. For shorter or fine hair you could also use the 6cm Side Comb.

1. Section of the hair from the top of your head and hold it back with your hand.

2. Holding the comb upside down, so the teeth are pointing upwards, firmly push the teeth into the section of hair.

3. Secure with a little bit of hairspray if your hair is very slippery or fine! 

We hope this has given you some inspiration on a few of the styles you can achieve with our combs. It can seem a little scary the first time you use them, but practise makes perfect!

We would love to see the styles you create with your combs so please email us a photo or tag us on Instagram or Facebook - we love to see how our customers use our accessories! 

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