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March 17, 2023 2 min read

Luxury Headbands

Our luxury headbands are smoothed by hand and are heat activated meaning after a short time the headband will mould to your head shape for maximum comfort. You won't get a pressure headache like you would with lesser quality hair bands and alice bands. With headbands, there is always the issue of them feeling tight and uncomfortable. Not anymore with our flexible French Handmade headbands.

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Luxury Hair Clips

What makes our hair clips luxury? Our team of manufacturers have been crafting hair accessories since 1892, making them experts in what they do. Tegen Accessories was founded over 10 years ago and since that time we have created the perfect hair clip. One that won't break on you or leave your hair damaged with dreaded split ends. You’ll immediately feel the difference in both the clip and the resilient non-plastics we use to give our accessories that unique look customers love. Our French accessories really do give that high-end look that plastic hair accessories simply don't do.

Hair Accessories Made In France

France is historically the birthplace of luxury. Some of the worlds biggest luxury fashion houses were born in France and continue to guide the fashion industry with craftsmenship that captures the world. France also has a history of making the best hair clips in the world going back to 1630 when the King of France named the town where our clips are made the exclusive supplier of hair clips to France. France is therefore known for making the best hair accessories in the world. This is why we chose to have our French Handmade Hair Accessories brought to life in France, bringing a touch of something special, valueable and unique into the lives of our customers.

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Our hair accessories are the best quality money can buy. We know that when you invest in an item you rely on daily to keep your hair in place, it needs to be secure and strong. The last thing anyone needs in a busy daily routine is to refix their hair. Discover our luxurious approach today with our French Handmade hair accessories.

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