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February 28, 2023 3 min read

We know the previous struggle of trying to find a hair accessory that holds silky hair without slipping out. We wanted to perfect a selection of accessories that do just that. 

You should be the one that decides when to let your hair down, not your hair accessory. Especially when you trust your hair accessory to hold your hair all day long. This is why each of our hair accessories are secured with the most robust and durable steel mechanisms, so that wear after wear, they will be reliable and you can trust them to keep your hairstyle in place.

You may be thinking ‘my hair is too fine or too silky, nothing holds my hair’ but when it comes to Tegen accessories you can be sure that if you choose the right styles for your unique hair type that you will never have this problem again. Gone are the days of choosing generic accessories from the high street with no design strategy. 

Non-Slip Hair Claws

The secret to finding hair clips that secure fine hair and don’t slip out of silky hair is to opt for smaller lightweight accessories and to have teeth that overlap.

We have a selection of uniquely designed hair claws specifically for fine and silky hair types. This includes the Long Narrow Hair Claw and The Flower Hair Claw.

Both claw clips have been designed with teeth that are positioned close together with an overlapping grasp. This design ensures that even the finest and silkiest of hair is held tightly and comfortably, free from tension.

Other hair claws that are designed for this hair type include the Small Hair Claw Clip, the Medium Hair Claw Clip and the Small Narrow Hair Claw Clip.

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Non-Slip Hair Barrettes

There is something magically reassuring about the sound of our barrettes when they fasten.

We have designed a selection of barrettes that secure your hair firmly and comfortably. Our Small Cross Hatch Barrette Clip is a popular barrette that you can rely on.

The Narrow Bar Barrette is also perfect for silky and fine hair. This is because the narrow bar is designed with a small space between the resin and the steel mechanisms, this is so that you can be sure that your hair will not slip through and cause the barrette to sit out of place.It comfortably holds your hair securely and is available in our staple colours as well as our special edition colourways.

The Small Barrette Clip is also perfect for finer hair types with its firm hold and lightweight design.


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Non-Slip Hair Combs

The best way to decide which hair combs are best for fine silky hair types are when you look at the teeth of the comb. Firstly, you will need a comb with teeth that are narrowly spaced and secondly, combs with waves in the teeth themselves.

That is why our 2x Waved Tooth Hair Combs are the perfect choice with closely spaced, waved teeth that ensure your hair will not slip through the spaces between.

Our 6cm Side Comb and 8cm Side Combs are also perfect for fine silky hair with the close positioning of their teeth. 

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For your own personal hair consultation - please contact our hair accessory experts via phone, email or live chat to discuss the best accessories for you.

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