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November 15, 2017 2 min read

The gift of crafting something beautiful is a gift like no other, and it is a skill that Rosie Fox undoubtedly has aspired to possess.


rosie fox crystal orchid hair clip


Her enchanting designs conjure up both magic and mysticism. Similar to that of a childhood fantasy, her beautiful butterflies, bugs and creatures both big and small appear almost mythical - the stuff fairy tales are made of. Brighton born and bred, her keen eye for gemstones began as a teenager, and she knew from an early age that she wanted to forge a path for herself in jewellery design. Qualifying with a foundation degree in gemology, Rosie Fox became one of the youngest Gemologists across the UK and Europe.


En route to a career that would integrate both her love of fashion and gemology, she studied for 3 years at The London College of Fashion. Driven by hard work and a passion for her art, this journey began the successful launch of her well-known brand in 2006. She praises her family for giving her the inspiration to pursue her focus on gemstones and jewels, which has led to the creation of her stunning range of jewellery and vintage hair accessories.


Her designs range from subtle and sophisticated, to dazzling and daring statement pieces. The brand embodies both her traditional British heritage and her exploration of new trends. Elegant, timeless and exquisitely ethereal, her products offer the gift of opulence and elegance without the painful price tag. With her business growing from strength to strength over the past 12 years, we’re eagerly awaiting to see what 2018 has in store for her and her team.


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Rosie Fox Butterfly

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rosie fox butterfly hair clip

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rosie fox butterfly

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rosie fox butterfly hair clip

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rosie fox butterflies

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Written by Amy Louise Jones