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How to style stick barrettes

Most of our barrettes are fitted with a strong steel clasp which clicks into place behind the hair. A stick barrette, on the other hand, holds the hair in place with a stick that winds through the barrette front, under the hair, then back through the barrette on the other side. This gives a very classic finish which is a touch more decorative then a traditional barrette clasp.

Sometimes our customers are unsure of how to use a stick barrette or are dubious that they will work in their hair, so we have outlined a few simple stick barrette hairstyles and some tips to keep it in place all day long.   

How to use a stick barrette:

Pull your hair back into your desired style. Then hold the barrette front over where you want it to rest. Push the stick through one of the holes in the barrette, then underneath your hair, then back out through the hole on the other side. Easy!

Stick barrette hairstyles:

Half up hairstyle

stick barrette

This is one of the easiest hairstyles to achieve, taking less then 30 seconds from start to finish! Take a section of hair from each side and hold it behind your head, then secure with the barrette. This style works best if you have quick thick hair. If your hair is finer, then twist the section of hair into a bun before adding the barrette to finish. This adds some additional hair for the barrette to grasp.

Watch our video to see our Love Knot Stick Barrette in action:

Low ponytail

ponytail stick barrette

Another ten second hairstyle! Pull the hair together at the nape of your neck, just as if you were making a regular ponytail, then secure with the stick barrette. This style works best in thick hair, so if the barrette starts sliding out of your finer hair, add a spritz of hairspray where the stick rests to add a bit of extra resistance.

Saph is using our stunning French Handmade Stick Barrette in Onyx, which is one of our most popular colour-ways. 

The bun

stick barrette

With our pretty floral bun cage stick barrette, you can turn your bun into a decorative piece in its own right. Twist the hair into a bun, then place the cage over the top and slide the stick through. This unusual addition will be a guaranteed talking point!

Classic French twist

stick barrette

Gather the hair at the nape of the neck, then twist upwards against the head. Tuck the end of the twist in neatly, then roll it over so the ends are pushed behind the roll of hair. Then place the barrette front over the twist where you'd like it to lie and push the stick firmly through the roll of hair to secure it.

How can I get my stick barrette to stay put in my hair?

If your hair is very thick or long, you should have enough hair to hold the stick barrette in place with ease. Just make sure the stick is fixed snugly behind all the hair so it doesn't slide out. 

If your hair is very fine or soft opt for styles that bulk up the hair, like a bun or a French twist, rather than a half up look. If you're finding it slips after a while, you might need a bit of hairspray to give it a helping hand to stay in place all day.

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