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October 04, 2018 3 min read

Charm Hair Elastics - A Twist On The Classic Hair Tie

If you’re anywhere near as indecisive as me, you can never settle on how to style your mid-length hair – and end up putting up and taking down your hair several times per dayespecially in this windy weather of late!

And as the seasons change, some things stay constant – I can never, ever decide how to wear my hair for a whole day.

Saying that, I’ve been a big fan of my trusty Tegen Accessories French satin scrunchie for years now and love the subtle 80’s look, but word on the block is that there’s a new 90’s hair band in town – and they are going down an absolute storm with our customers in the shop and online!

I must say that I absolutely love my scrunchie as it’s so comfortable to wear, quick and easy to use and looks chic. But the problem is, in the few hours of the day when I choose to wear my hair down, I inevitably lose my hair accessory! It looks and feels ridiculous on the wrist, and becomes completely invisible in my handbag so I have regular mini-panic attacks that I’ve lost it! (In fact, I’ve had to buy two as I’m so afraid of misplacing it permanently!)

I couldn’t help but fall for these small, but deceptively strong and stretchy hair elastics after they were repeatedly recommended by our customers. These trending fashion pieces are from By Eloise London and we just can’t keep them a secret any more!

Strong durable charm hair elastics - bangle bands - Tegen Accessories

These little guys have gone straight to the top of my essentials list for fuss-free and elegant hair styling. Not only are they robust and strong, but they come in so many colours – and are topped off with a little metal charm which adds fun, sparkle and super cute personality to your hair style.

They’re a durable, long-lasting alternative to traditional basic hair elastics, and won’t lose their stretch or become loose over time. Once you see them you can feel the high quality for yourself: they’re available in either a velvet finish or a wavy style that really grips onto slippery hair. The charm comes in a silver, gold or rose gold finish and also features diamante or a metallic woven finish to add sparkle. And a couple of twists can firmly secure thick hair with no problem!

Strong durable hair elastics Tegen Accessories

I’m all for multipurpose living and love a versatile storage solution as much as the next IKEA customer – so why not make your accessory work harder? It comes naturally to most – but while you’re using your wrist as storage, your hair accessory becomes a cute bracelet – a great way to display your new ByEloise hairband when it’s not adorning your ponytail, chic bun or topknot! And as a bonus, it won’t get lost!

Bangle bands, charm elastics for your wrist or hair - Tegen Accessories

Whether in the hair on your wrist, I love the way these are a real conversation starter – you receive so many compliments when you wear one. As they’re such high-quality hairband, you can even wear them in the office – just turn the charm beneath the hair if you prefer a more subtle look between 9 and 5!

Popular for adults, kids and teens, and at prices starting at less than a fiver, these really are the perfect gift that you can really tailor for the recipient. Practical and thoughtful, you can even personalise the bangle bands with the person’s initial, favourite animal or their favourite colour.

The most fun part is finding the perfect combination for yourself or your loved one. The charms include feisty leopards, classic star shapes, and on-trend pineapples. Why not support the bees with a bumblebee design, or throwback to your summer holiday with a starfish or seashell charm?

Bumble Bee Charm on Pink Hair Elastic - Tegen Accessories

It’s a great little treat that won’t break the bank, and has proven very popular in the back to school rush – and I’ll bet money on them being a sell-out success when it comes to stocking fillers for the upcoming festive season. 

Or why not grow your own collection – they look great layered up on the wrist or in the hair and you can match to your outfit or nail varnish! Why not come to Tegen’s counter this week and try them out for yourself and try to pick your favourite combination of charm, fabric and colour? You’ll feel like a kid in a sweet shop! What can I say, I’m an absolute convert and am currently taking out a credit card to fund my addiction – Eloise, you have a lot to answer for. 


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