The Accessories You Need To Easily Style Your Thick Hair For Any Occasion

1. How Do You Style Thick Hair?

2. What Are The Best Hair Accessories For Thick Hair?

3. Hair Claw Clips For Thick Hair

4. Hair Slides & Hair Grips For Thick Hair

5. Beak Clips For Thick Hair

6. Barrettes For Thick Hair

Thick Hair & Finding The Perfect Hair Accessories For You

Firstly, we understand the struggle of finding hair accessories that do not snap and break because they can't handle a large volume of hair and becomes damaging. This is why at Tegen Accessories we have designed the perfect collection of thick hair accessories that will most definitely hold the thickest of hair! Each hair accessory goes through a three step polishing process to ensure they have the smoothest edges.

Since 1892, our family-run manufacturer in France has been creating truly beautiful hair clips. But they knew that their reputation wouldn't last long if the clips didn't last long and that's why each clip from our Handmade collection is lovingly hand-crafted from the durable, biodegradable material: Cellulose Acetate. Cellulose acetate is known for it's longevity and strong yet flexible material which is why our hair clips can hold so much more hair than those cheaper, plastic alternatives. And yet the clips don't snag or break the hair or break themselves.

How Do You Style Thick Hair?

If you struggle to contain your mane, listen up. The most important thing about styling long or thick hair is to use hair accessories with long and wide teeth to be able to grasp a large amount of hair in a firm and secure way.

For long or thick hair, you're going to need a large sized hair claw with a strong spring to hold it all securely in place. With hair claws you can easily create a bun with thick hair, our Octopus Thick Hair Claw will be your best friend. This hair claw is a best seller for a reason, the circular shape of the claw ensures all of your hair is held inside securely. If nothing else holds your hair, we can assure you that this will! This hair claw is handcrafted with a French spring so you can fit a large volume of hair in it without the worry that it will break.

Another elegant but practical hairstyle to style thick and long hair is french pleats. A timeless hairstyle that can look so sophisitcated but can be super easy to create once you get the hang of it! The wavy teeth of the comb ensure a firm yet comfortable grip on your hair to keep it in place all day, this is specifically designed to secure thicker hair types.

What Are The Best Hair Accessories For Thick Hair?

Choosing the perfect hair accessories to secure thick hair can be tricky. The secret is to look at not only the shape and the teeth, but the quality of your accessories to make your decision. This is even more important when styling long, thick hair as cheaper high street alternatives are much more likely to snap and break, they cannot hold all of the hair. However, at Tegen Accessories, our French collections including our French Handmade and French Essentials collections are both made with the most durable and robust mechanisms with strong steel springs and a firm grip. This is why they are ideal for securing even the thickest of hair. It's time to start investing in quality French hair clips to hold your long, thick hair.


Hair combs are perfect for elevating any hairstyle and it can be challenging finding hair combs that teeth don't snap with thick hair. However, this sophisticated handmade wide-tooth side comb was specifically designed to secure thicker hair types with the waved teeth design for comfort and a firm grip.

Hair Claw Clips For Thick Hair

Claw clips are one of the most popular hair accessories and it’s not difficult to see why. If you have a mane to tame and you are looking for a hair claw for thick hair, then why not try our Large Hair Claw. Perfectly designed with a strong steel clasp, these claws will neatly hold thick or long hair. Another favourite is our Octopus thick hair claw with long teeth which overlap tightly around the back of your bun or twist for a secure hold all day. These hair claws are designed with a wide grasp which makes them perfect for securing large volumes of hair.

The exceptional quality of these French hair accessories means that they will outlast cheaper high-street alternatives for years. This is incredibly important for thick hair, it is worth investing in these hair claws that are long lasting than having to replace cheaper plastic hair clips. The strong steel clasp on these claws have been perfected for over 100 years, ensuring reliability day-in- day out.


The clue is in the name with this Large Hair Claw Clip, for thick or long hair you are going to need a large sized hair claw with a strong spring to hold it all securely in place. This hair claw is perfect for those with thick hair, not to mention it has a wide variety of colours for every taste.


This Curved hair claw is made especially for thick hair as the sides have a more pronounced curve than the standard claws to fit more hair inside. For something a bit different, there's also the large Sophia side hair claw, which works the same way as your standard hair claws but the clasp is fitted on the side. This gives the same firm hold as the classic hair claw shape but lies flat to the head, so it's great for if you're driving and have your head pressed against the back of a seat.

Hair Slides & Hair Grips For Thick Hair

Hair slides and grips may seem like a finer hair option, however they can easily be used to control sections of thick hair. There are plenty of hair slides on the high street that just wouldn't be able to hold thick hair even in small sections. However, our family run French manufacturer has been perfecting hair clips since 1892 by the best craftsmen in the business ensuring these clips are strong, durable and can hold any hair type. Of course, hair slides won't be able to hold all of your thick hair but you can definitely use them with smaller sections! Both the 2x7cm Snap Clips and the Narrow Hair Clip are made from the strong, biodegradable Cellulose Acetate. The snap clips are finished with a steel snap clip mechanism which will outlast cheaper, plastic hair clips for years. The power of these is that they are suitable for all hair types as they firmly secure the hair in place. For you, this means your thick hair can finally be tamed and held back!

Beak Clips For Thick Hair

Beak clips are the perfect alternative to a claw, these beautiful beak hair clips are a true Tegen Accessories staple. They are simple to use for a no-fuss, instant hair style for both thick and fine hair. These versatile, classical and sophistated beak clips are a must-have in every hair accessory collection. If you're looking to put all of your hair up, look for beak clips with a curve or larger sized versions, like our Looped pelican clip. Avoid smaller clips unless you're looking to create half up hairstyles or to pin back smaller sections or fringes.

Barrettes For Thick Hair

When it comes to choosing barrettes for thick hair the secret is to look for larger sized barrette clips or ones with a large gap between the clasp and the form of the barrette, so that more hair can fit inside.

We have a variety of shapes from Narrow Arched, to Arched Barrettes and Wide Arched Barrettes. Depending on the thickness of your hair you can decide which arch shape will best hold your hair thickness. The thicker your hair, the wider the arch should be.

As you can see there are a variety of hair accessories that work in thick hair and here at Tegen Accessories we are here to help you with finding the perfect hair accessories for your hair type.

If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to get in touch, we are more than happy to help!

We would love to see your hair accessories in your hair - please tag us on socials!

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