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Mini Barrette Clip

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Stained Glass
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Handmade Mini Barrette

This classic, sophisticated barrette is a versatile accessory that can create simple yet elegant hairstyles which stay in place all day. As part of our French Handmade collection, this barrette is lovingly handcrafted in France from exceptionally strong and biodegradable cellulose acetate which is hand polished for a perfectly smooth finish. This barrette is finished with a strong steel clasp that firmly but comfortably holds the hair all day long. A Tegen barrette creates an elegant finish, reliably, every time. We stand by our quality and have complete trust in every accessory made, our Tegen promise guarantees to last one year but are expected to last many years to come.

Use this clip to create half-up styles in fine to medium hair, or for holding small sections of medium to thick hair. Each barrette is packaged carefully and comes in a brushed cotton dust bag to protect and store the product whilst not in use.

Read our blog on How To Use Barrette Clips for tutorials and style inspiration.


Onyx, Opal, White Tokio, Dark Tokio, Confetti Tokio, Stained Glass, Tortoiseshell, Midnight Fossil, Forest Fossil, Marine Fossil and Black Marble.

Please note: Due to the nature of the unique patterns in the materials used, each clip from our French Handmade collection can vary from the one displayed in the product photo.

Sustainable Eco-Resin:

Sustainability is important to us, which is why all of our French Handmade hair accessories are made from an eco-resin cellulose acetate material which is biodegradable. Find out more in our blog post here.


Resin detail: L x W: 6.5cm x 1cm

Set on a high-quality 5cm steel barrette clasp

Please note: These barrettes are temporarily coming on silver clips instead of gold, but please be assured the quality is the same.

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Watch a mini barrette in action: