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November 22, 2019 6 min read

Christmas Gift Guide

With only a few weeks to go until Christmas, it's time to start thinking about what to gift your friends, loved ones, and maybe even a secret Santa! Here at Tegen Accessories, we have gifts to suit women (and men!) of every age, hair type and style. We have put together our ultimate hair accessory gift guide, including gifts from under £10, to give you some ideas and help you buy the perfect gifts in the lead up to Christmas.

The Main Event: £40+

Treat the people you love the most this Christmas, by choosing from a stunning range of Swarovski crystal accessories, silk scarves, and stylish hats. 

French Handmade Medium Swarovski Crystal Hair Claw - £49.00

These beautiful hair claws are handmade in France by a family-run business who have been making hair accessories since 1892! Each claw is individually hand-set with 48 sparkling Swarovski crystals and it comes in a range of classic and wearable colours. They are perfect for all hair types as the close teeth hold fine hair well, but there is plenty of room to hold thick hair in a half-up style.

Medium Swarovski Crystal Hair Claw-White Tokio-Tegen Accessories

Swarovski Crystal Three Star Barrette Clip - £35.00

This stunning star barrette is hand-set with Swarovski crystals, all placed on a high-quality, strong barrette clip. Get ready to be showered in compliments with this delicate barrette clip! 

Swarovski Crystal Barrette | Tegen Accessories

Small Swarovski Crystal Crown Hair Claw - £55.00

This intricately designed hair claw is set with sparkling Swarovski crystals which catch the light at every angle. It works best creating updo styles in medium weight or long fine hair, or half-up styles in thick hair. Perfect for Christmas and New Year parties, this claw is sure to turn heads!

Small Swarovski Crystal Crown Claw-Silver-Tegen Accessories . Small Swarovski Crystal Crown Hair claw-Tegen Accessories

Black & Gold Fedora Hat - £139.00

A fedora hat would make the perfect Christmas gift for that special person in your life. They are made with 100% natural wool, and are hand crafted and decorated with gold paint, making each one unique and special. You may also like our Burgundy & Gold Fedora Hat.

Black and Gold Fedora Hat-Tegen Accessories


Best friends, sisters, daughters or mothers: £30-£40

Our range of gifts for £30-£40 are perfect for family and friends. From our handmade fabric headbands, silk mini scarves and feather headbands, to waterproof rain hats and natural bristle brushes, there is a special gift in this category for everyone! 

Handmade Fabric Headbands - £32.50+

Our fabric headbands come in a wide range of colours and patterns, from pink leopard print and yellow abstract, to brown paisley print and monochrome floral. They are all carefully handmade for a high-quality finish, and are all comfortable to wear all day.

Handmade Fabric headbands-Tegen Accessories

Natural and Nylon Bristle Hairbrushes - £30.00

Featuring colourful patterns ranging from monochrome stripes to cats and dogs, these brushes make a great Christmas gift for friends and family of any age. The mix of boar bristles and nylon bristles make for an easy brushing experience. Natural bristles distribute oils, smooth, condition and minimise breakage, whilst the nylon bristles gentle detangle and reduce static. You can read the full blog article all about the hairbrushes here.

Rock and Ruddle-Natural and Nylon Bristle Brushes-Tegen Accessories

Water Resistant Pin-Tuck Velour Hat- £39.00

 These practical yet stylish hats are perfect Christmas gifts. They come in three lovely wintery colours, are adjustable so one size fits most, and is foldable so can be packed into a suitcase or handbag so you will never be caught in the rain again!

Water resistant pin-tuck velour hat-Tegen Accessories

Skinny Silk Scarves - £39.00

These beautiful scarves feature designs which were hand-painted using watercolours, before being digitally printed onto the delicate silk material. It is perfect for tying around your neck, your head, a ponytail, or even on your handbag. There is a design for everyone, including honeybees, starfish, puffins and butterflies

Puffin Print Skinny Silk Scarf-Tegen Accessories Honeybees Skinny Silk Scarf-Tegen Accessories Butterfly Print Skinny Silk Scarf-Tegen Accessories


Smaller is not less beautiful: £20-£30 

French Handmade Hair Claws

Our French handmade hair accessories are perfect if you want a luxury gift that can be worn again and again. They are all made from strong resin which is designed to outlast cheaper plastic alternatives by years. The patterns are created within the material, meaning they will not fade over time.

The Large Floralie Hair Claw is perfect for medium to thick hair, or people with lots of fine hair. The lovely cut-out floral pattern adds something special to the claw, but the range of wearable colours means you can wear this claw every day! 

Large Floralie Hair Claw-Vanilla

Perfect for medium to thick or long hair, the Medium Rectangle Cut-Out Hair Claw features a stylish rectangle cut-out to add something a little different to a classic design. All of our French handmade accessories are hand-polished for a completely smooth finish that will not snag on your hair.

Medium Rectangle Cut Out Hair Claw-Prada Style-French Handmade-Tegen Accessories Medium Rectangle Cut Out Hair Claw-Onyx-Tegen Accessories

Statement Crystal Brooches

Crystal brooches are particularly lovely Christmas gifts, as they look beautiful pinned to the collar of a warm winter coat. We have a wide range of crystal brooches, designed by UK designer Rosie Fox. Many of our brooches also have a hair clip attachment, meaning they could even be worn as a statement hair clip to decorate an updo for a party!

 Blue Crystal Bug Hair Clip and Brooch-Tegen Accessories

Oval Cut-Out Crystal Hair Clip - £29.95

These oval push-pin hair clips are embellished with sparkling multi-coloured crystals. They are great for adding a pop of colour to your outfit, but are still suitable for everyday wear as well as adding some sparkle for special occasions. These clips would make a lovely gift for someone with medium to thick hair, or lots of fine hair. 

Oval Cut-Out Crystal Hair Clip-Multi/Pink Oval Cut-Out Crystal Hair Clip-Turquoise


Secret Santa: £10-£20

Whether it's among friends, at work, or even with family, secret Santa giftee's can be tricky to buy for. So look no further, as we have lots of gifts perfect for secret Santa and all under £20!

Crystal Christmas Tree Brooch- £17.95

How could you get more Christmassy than a crystal brooch in the shape of a Christmas tree? This one also has a hair clip attachment so can be worn in the hair as well as on a winter coat or party dress. This gift is perfect for anyone who loves a little sparkle, and is mad about Christmas! 

Festive Crystal Christmas Tree Brooch-Tegen Accessories

20mm Headband- £19.95

The French handmade headbands make a great secret Santa gift. They are perfect for people with any hair thickness, length and colour so you just can't go wrong! They resin is very flexible, and after a short time of wearing the headbands, they mould to the shape of your head, preventing pressure behind the ears. 

20mm Handmade Headband-French Handmade-Dark Tokio-Tegen Accessories

French Handmade Barrettes 

Our wide range of handmade barrettes make beautiful gifts for Christmas. The Narrow Bar Barrette is great for finer hair, or holding smaller sections back. Then the 8cm Small Barrette will hold finer hair in an updo or low ponytail, or thicker hair in half up styles. Finally, our Arched Barrettes are great for thick hair, as there is plenty of space to hold a French pleat or low ponytail.

8cm Small Barrette-Prada Style-French Handmade-Tegen Accessories

Narrow Arched Barrette-Midnight Blue-French Handmade-Tegen Accessories

Gloves! - £14.95-£19.95

Gloves are a great choice for a secret Santa gift. Our range includes faux-suede with silky soft insides, faux-fur cuffs, and herringbone and checked designs to name a few. Whether your giftee likes a pop of colour, or something more neutral, all of our gloves come in a wide range of colours to suit every style. 

 Faux Suede Gloves with 6 Buttons-Black-Gloves-Tegen Accessories Classic Checkered Gloves with Knot-Green-Gloves-Tegen Accessories

Rectangular Crystal Sparkle Snap Clip - £15.00

Two of our favourite things here at Tegen are hair clips and Swarovski crystals. Combined, they create this beautiful snap clip which will be the star of every Christmas party hairstyle! Gift one of these beautiful clips to your secret Santa, friends, family, anyone who loves to sparkle! 

Rectangular Crystal Sparkle Snap Clip-Swarovski Crystal-Tegen Accessories


Stocking Fillers: Under £10

Hair accessories make great stocking fillers, and we have lots to choose from! Charm hairbands, mini hair clips and octopus claws are just a few of the small but luxury accessories everyone would love to find in their stocking on Christmas morning! 

Charm Hair Elastics and Scrunchies - £4.95-£7.95

Do you know someone who always has a hair elastic around their wrist? These charm hair elastics double up as bracelets which look just as pretty around the wrist as they do in the hair! We have a wide range of colours, including metallic hairbands, crystal and alphabet charms and silk scrunchies

Heart Charm Silk Scrunchie-Pink-Tegen Accessories

French Handmade Narrow Hair Clip - £6.95

If you are looking for luxury on a budget, try our Narrow Hair Clip. These sweet little clips are from our French handmade collection, so come in a range of unique and beautiful colours. They are perfect for holding small sections of most hair types and are sure to be a hit on Christmas morning! 

Narrow Hair Clip-Prada Style-French Handmade-Tegen Accessories

Octopus Thick Hair Claw - £8.95

One of our bestselling clips for thick hair, the octopus claw is sure to keep unruly hair in place all day. If you know someone with thick, long, or curly hair, treat them to an Octopus Claw for Christmas. The claw is made in France by the same manufacturers who create our beautiful handmade clips, so will hold the hair firmly and comfortably in place. 

Octopus Thick Hair Claw-Tortoiseshell


We hope our gift guide has given you some ideas and inspiration for some beautiful gifts to give this Christmas, or even some things to add to your own list! To add an extra special touch to your presents, apply gift wrapping to your order to receive your accessories wrapped and in a sleek box, complete with golden ribbon! 

Gift Wrapping-Tegen Accessories

Don't forget you can contact us for personalised recommendations, or visit our store in the Brighton Lanes. 

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