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December 05, 2019 4 min read

Christmas & New Year Party Hairstyles

Christmas party season is upon us and whilst you're busy searching for the perfect outfit, don't forget to plan your party hairstyle too! Adding a beautiful hair accessory to your party hairstyle is a great way of making it look put-together and elegant, with minimal effort. We've put together some ideas that will finish off your party outfit in style.

Nude Satin Hair Bow Barrette

This beautiful satin hair bow on a silver barrette clip is a great addition to your party hairstyle. Use it as a clip at the side of the head, or use it to create a half-up style or a low ponytail.

Nude Satin Bow Barrette-Tegen Accessories

Crystal Peacock Feather Comb

Add some sparkle to your hairstyle with this crystal peacock feather, set on a comb. You could use it at the side of the head to create a swept back look, place it at the top of the bun, or in finer hair use it to create an updo. Whichever you choose, the sparkling crystals are sure to turn heads!

Crystal Peacock Feather Hair Comb-Tegen Accessories

Small Swarovski Crown Hair Claw

If you love crystals and sparkle, this hair claw could be perfect for you! The intricate filigree metalwork is reminiscent of vintage designs and is enhanced by Swarovski crystal embellishment. This claw would be perfect for creating a half-up style in medium to thick hair, or an updo in fine or shorter hair.

Small Swarovski Crystal Crown Hair Claw 

Gatsby Feather Headband & Rose Gold Pearl and Crystal Headband 

Headbands are a great party accessory as they work in any hair length and texture and come in a huge range of styles. For a 1920s vintage look, go for a feather headband. The Gatsby Feather Headband also has crystal embellishment and beads on it to add an extra touch of glamour.
If feathers aren't for you, why not go for a delicate yet stand-out headband like the elegant Rose Gold Pearl and Crystal Headband? The headband is fine and flexible making is comfortable and easy to hide if needed, and the pearls and crystals are set on wire which can be moulded to the desired position.

Gatsby Feather Headband-Rose Gold Pearl and Crystal Wedding Headband-Tegen Accessories

Paisley Silver Crystal Mini Hair Claw

These small but beautiful crystal hair claws are perfect for adding a subtle touch of sparkle to your party hairstyle. You could use them to decorate a bun, clip a small section of hair back, or stack a couple together for added impact. If you want to add some colour to your look, why not try the Mini Swarovski Crystal Flower Hair Claw?

Paisley Silver Crystal Mini Hair Claw-Tegen Accessories

Wide Velvet Padded Headband & Narrow Velvet Padded Headband

If you prefer a more subtle hairstyle, these padded velvet headbands will add a classy and elegant touch to any style. Padded headbands have seen a huge rise in popularity in 2019 and we totally see why! They are comfortable, while adding something extra to your outfit with absolutely no effort or styling needed! Our narrow headband comes in three colours, including a festive red. 

Wide Padded Velvet Headband-Black-Tegen Accessories Narrow Padded Velvet Headband-Red-Tegen Accessories

Oval Cut-Out Crystal Hair Clip

These colourful hair clips would look beautiful for occasions all year round, but definitely add some sparkle to a festive party hairstyle. The push-pin mechanism is strong and a couple can even hold the hair in a sleek French pleat style! You could also use them to hold side sections of hair, or as a barrette at the back of the head to hold a half-up style. 

Oval Crystal Cut-Out Hair Clip

Rectangular Crystal Sparkle Snap Clip

This sparkly snap clip is great for most hair types and can be used in so many different ways. Clip back side sections of hair, use it at the back of the head to hold pieces of hair back, or even use a couple for a statement look! Each clip is covered in crystals which catch the light from every angle, making these a beautiful stand-out piece.

Rectangular Crystal Sparkle Snap Clip-Clear Crystal Rectangular Crystal Sparkle Snap Clip-Pewter Crystal

Crystal Brooches

Our crystal brooches are all designed by UK designer Rosie Fox and most of them have a hair clip attachment as well as a brooch pin meaning you could also wear them in the hair. They would look equally lovely pinned to a formal jacket, or your party dress for some added sparkle! 

Pearl and Crystal Rose Hairclip/Brooch Festive Crystal Candlestick Hairclip/Brooch

Medium Rectangle Cut-Out Hair Claw

This hair claw is not just amazing for everyday wear, pair it with a sparkly outfit or a little black dress and it instantly adds an elegant touch to your look. It is perfect for medium to thick hair, but will also hold long fine hair in a beautiful French pleat. The stylish cut-out feature adds a modern twist to the classic claw design, and the range of unique colours will make the claw stand out against the hair. 

Medium Rectangle Cut-Out Hair Claw-Prada Style


Hopefully, we have given you some inspiration for how to style your hair for your upcoming Christmas and New Year parties!
Whether you're going for crystals and sparkle, or a more subtle look, we would love to see what you choose so tag us in your pictures on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! If you would like some help finding the perfect accessory for your dream party hairstyle, you can contact us for personalised recommendations.