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January 27, 2023 5 min read

Hair Accessories For Curly Hair

We're here to talk about all things curly hair. From styling it to maintaining it, we have created a collection of hair accessories that will not fail you and your curly hair.


We take pride in our high-quality, sustainable hair accessories and the way they accommodate for all hair types and textures. We can proudly say that we have an accessory for everyone, no matter how curly your hair may be.

1. How do I style my naturally curly hair?

2. What are the best hair accessories for curly hair?

3. The best selling curly hair accessories for over a decade

4. How do you maintain curly hair?

5. Hair claw clips for curly hair

6. Barrettes for curly hair

7. Hair combs for curly hair

How do I style my naturally curly hair?

Snapped yet another hair elastic? Can your hair claw not hold all of your luscious curls? Whilst to most people having naturally curly hair is a privilege, to you it may not seem that way. We're here to change that, we understand the issue of finding durable hair accessories that can hold your hair without breaking or damaging your curls. We specialise in providing the best hair accessories that will outlast cheaper, high-street alternatives for years whilst looking after your curly hair. Styling naturally curly hair is not as hard as it may seem and you don't need to use countless products to achieve a hairstyle. Curly hair is pretty special on it's own and you can easily style your naturally curly hair by using a hair claw clip to create a bun hairstyle or a barrette for a half-up style. When it comes to styling curly hair, there are numerous different ways to use hair accessories.

What are the best hair accessories for curly hair?

If you're looking for the best hair accessories for curly hair then listen up! To control your unruly, curly hair you will need a larger sized hair accessory. For example, a wide grasped hair claw clip and a strong spring will hold all of your hair securely in place.

The best selling curly hair accessories for over a decade

Our popular octopus thick hair claw has been a best seller for over a decade and is a life saver for curly, unruly hair. The long teeth overlap tightly around the back of your bun or twist for a secure hold all day. The circular shape of the claw ensures all of your hair is held inside securely. If nothing else works for you, then this is for you! With years and years of experience our craftsmen have perfected the ideal claw clip and with this strong acetate blend this claw will outlast high-street alternatives for many years to come.

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How do you maintain curly hair?

The accessories you use to style your curly hair play a massive role in protecting and prolonging your curls. Using hair elastics and plastic hair accessories are more likely to snap and tear your beautiful curls. Our smooth-edged, handmade French hair accessories are made with your curls in mind and are designed to maintain your curls without causing any frizz!

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Hair claw clips for curly hair

Hair claws work brilliantly in curly hair. Textured, curly hair tends to need a claw clip that has a wide, firm grasp. If you’re after a hair claw that will hold up all your curls in a French twist or similar up-do, then you’ll want to opt for a larger sized claw.

Our large French handmade hair claws will also work a treat in thick, curly hair and are perfect if you are looking for an accessory that is slightly more ornate and makes more of a statement. 

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Likewise, our Curved Hair Claw For Thick Hair is handmade in France from the same beautiful, biodegradable materials, but designed specifically for thick and curly hair as the teeth lay flat against the head leaving lots of room to hold your curls within. You might also fancy having a bit of fun styling your curls with Mini Hair Claws - play around with half-up, half-down styles or try studding our Tiny Hair Claws around a bun. Small hair-claws are also great for short curly hair that is growing out through a potentially awkward or difficult to style stage - get creative!

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Barrettes for Curly Hair

Which clips are best for holding curls?

Barrettes are a perfect solution for styling curly hair and the key is to look for curved barrettes as they allow more space for your curls. Our wide arched barrette is a curly hair favourite as your curly hair can sit comfortably whilst feeling secure. Another thick and curly hair must-have is our thick hair waved barrette, our biggest barrette yet!The metal barrette itself is waved instead of flat giving it plenty of room to hold a large volume of hair.

Each barrette is carefully handcrafted and made with the most strong and durable materials which finish a barrette that will last you and your curly hair a lifetime.



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Hair Combs for Curly Hair

Finding hair combs that are strong and durable enough to hold curly hair can be difficult to find. At Tegen Accessories we offer a wide range of hair combs for all hair types. With curly hair the most suitable combs have more space inbetween the teeth for a secure hold. Our curved french pleat comb is perfect for holding curly hair, if you're looking to create French pleats and up-do's this is an essential. Another curly hair favourite is our small thick hair side comb which will mould into your hair lasting all day and night!

Hair combs can be tricky to get the hang of, this blog shows you how to use hair combs.

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