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January 30, 2023 2 min read

Can cold weather damage your hair?  

During the winter months you'll notice your hair feeling weaker and more brittle. The wind and cold air tend to suck all the moisture out of your hair leaving it more prone to damage and feeling less healthy. You're not alone, everyone's hair goes through it in winter and we're here to help you prevent it.

How do I make my hair less frizzy in the winter?

One of the best solutions to restore moisture in dry, damaged winter hair is to comb your hair through with oils twice a week. Nourishing hair oils will leave your hair feeling hydrated and healthy which will also stimulate hair growth.

Why not try combing your oils through with a beautiful handmade comb? These combs are made from a biodegradable resin called cellulose acetate which are cut with lasers and then polished by hand, which produces extremely smooth edges, meaning these combs are very kind to the hair. If you're going through the process to protect and care for your hair, it is vital you use a gentle, smooth comb that cares for your hair and will also reduce hair loss and thinning.  

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How do I keep my hair healthy in winter?

Taking care of your hair naturally in winter can be as simple as changing the hair accessories you use to style your hair with. As your hair is more prone to breakage and thinning in the colder months, styling your hair with plastic hair accessories and elastics will damage your hair even more. Plastic hair accessories will leave your hair damaged and weak. To prevent further damage to your hair, try our luxury French handmade hair accessories that are made to last with the most durable and robust materials. Each hair clip is carefully made to perfection using cellulose acetate which is known for it's longevity and flexibility. To keep your hair healthy this winter, luxury, sustainable hair accessories are a must.

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For more information read this blog on how to get healthy hair naturally.

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