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September 06, 2021 3 min read

The secret to styling hair on the finer side is grip. Investing in accessories with a firm grip is the most important product attribute that you need to look out for. When deciding on claw clips, you need to opt for those that have teeth that are close together and firmly overlap, leaving no room for hair to escape. Our hair accessory experts have designed our range of hair clips suitable for fine hair types with this in mind. 

In this blog we review the best hair accessories for finer hair types. You can also find out more tips and tricks on keeping your fine hair perfectly in place all day here.


The Top Hair Accessories For Styling Fine Hair


The Long Narrow Hair Claw for Fine Hair was specifically designed with a long narrow body and overlapping teeth that firmly grip fine hair. Depending on your hair length, this is the perfect hair accessory for a French twist hairstyle. The Small Flower Fine Hair Claw is also designed to firmly and comfortably secure silky fine hair with similar overlapping teeth for shorter hair lengths or for half-up styles. The Small Narrow Claw Clip is also great for creating a half-up style with finer hair.

Small Fine Hair Flower Claw 

The Sophia Side Hair Claws are also perfect for hair on the finer side. These claws come in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large which you can choose depending on your hair length. These side hair claws are brilliant for holding your hair without having your claw stand out when resting your head on the back of a chair, in a car for example.


The Essentials Medium Steph Hair Claw Is another favourite for customers with fine hair as the teeth on this claw cross over creating a firm grasp. 



There are many accessories that you can use to style your hair in the most fashionable of ways. A style favourite for mid-long length hair which can be created with both Thick Hair and Fine Hair is the barrette bun style. To create this style, simply twist your hair into a low bun, twirling the hair around your finger as you go to get a tight bun and secure it with a barrette. Alternatively, simply clasp your hair at the nape of the neck with a Wide Arched Barrette.

Wide Arched Barrette Vanilla


The Most suitable barrettes clips for fine hair are those with a straight bar such as the Narrow Bar Barrette, Mini Rectangle Barrette, 8cm Small Barrette and the Geometric Barrette which is 10cm in length - this is the barrette featured in the video below. Alternatively, for Thick Hair Types, you can create this style using an Arched Barrette.


For longer fine hair, the Large Hair Claw and the Medium Filigree Hair Claw are the perfect match because they have a firm comfortable grasp, allows for a larger volume of hair to be held in a secure and comfortable way which really is the best of both worlds. Another decorative hair claw for finer hair from the French Handmade Collection includes the Medium Seashell Hair Claw.

Medium Seashell Hair Claw

Here is a tutorial showing you how you can create a French Twist hairstyle using the Medium Filigree Hair Claw. 

The Narrow Hair ClipHinged Hair Clip and the 2x7cm Snap Clips also are perfect for securing smaller sections of fine hair too!

Snap Clips Fine Hair

To shop our Fine Hair Collection Click Here and to Browse our Full French Handmade Ooh La La! Collection Click Here.To find out more about the biodegradable material that goes into making our French Collections you can read This Blog.