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June 27, 2016 2 min read

Over the years Wimbledon has seen its fair share of fashion statements from it’s lady tennis players despite it's very strict dress code... As American actress Katherine Hepburn once said,

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun”

From Gussie Moran’s lace trimmed knickers in 1949

to Anne White’s lycra catsuit in 1985.

This year’s fashion gossip comes in the form of the Nike “nightie” as it’s been nick-named by tennis fans. Wimbledon’s female players were described by spectators as “struggling” with the £75 dress that both Serena Willaims and Sabine Lisicki refused to wear.Players have been asked by Nike to send the dress back for alterations.

Even amongst all the controversial wardrobe choices Wimbledon Ladies have always managed to keep their hair styles practical and stylish. Whether you go for a Lucie Safarova bandeau or aEugenie Bouchard plait with kirby grips you can be sure that taking sports hairstyle inspiration from this year’s Wimbledon ladies will leave you looking stylish and who knows may even improve your tennis game ;)

Our French Handmade range are all made from a light-weight flexible resin making them extremely comfortable for everyday wear and physical activity. Choose a natural tone to blend in with your hair colour or opt for something a bit more bright or sparkly for those special occasions. Don’t forget we do a “vanilla” colour option in most of our handmade items, perfect for completing your Wimbledon inspired tennis outfit.

Other Wimbledon Tennis inspired items include:

Basic Soft Bandeau

White Floral Venetian Lace Stretch Bandeau


Chunky Hair Elastic

Narrow Hair Clip

Wimbledon 2016    27th June - 10th July.    Enjoy the tennis.